Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Chester's Big Day

Today is a big day for Chester...
and one I am sure he'd rather miss.
Yes, Chester is having a little surgery today...
it will be the first step towards a life without testosterone.

I hate taking him for his procedure and leaving him there...
I am sure he will feel abandoned.
He will get to come back home, however, at the end of the day, so...
all will soon be right in his world.

Spaying and neutering our dogs and cats is something to which we are
There are way too many unwanted dogs and cats in this world.

Yesterday and today took me away from the farm...
caring for sick "littles" (of the human variety).

But, I will be back tomorrow with stories of our four-legged friends...

and an update on Chester.
And... an update on the snow that is falling!


  1. Good luck Chester. It is a necessary procedure and you are very right there are too many unwanted cats and dogs in this world. Luckily it does not seem to take them too long to recover and his horrible experience will be a thing of the past and he can get on with the important things in life ... running around and having fun on the farm.

  2. Sending healing prayers to one and all...

  3. Poor Chester..Ouch!! Hope the little ones are better soon.

  4. "The first step towards a life without testosterone" -- that's a delicate way of putting it, lol! Best wishes to Chester.

  5. we got snow too! at what age do you spay your dogs? i'm not sure what to do. i always got mine spayed around 6 months and now they are recommending 15 months! yikes!

  6. diane in northern wisJanuary 30, 2018 at 9:07 PM

    Hope your littles are feeling much better soon. Also hoping Chester has an easy time of it and will be back to his old self soon. Looking forward to your next edition! And sure hope your little ones don't have the flu!


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