Thursday, January 4, 2018

A Daring Rescue

Yesterday's balmy afternoon temperatures (20 degrees) gave us 
the motivation to get out for a walk.
It was time to do some of the afternoon chores, so we headed out on foot with the dogs.

On the way to the barn we stopped to check on the ducks at the pond, 
and found our new little girl, Laverne, with her wing feathers frozen fast to the ice.
She was in obvious distress. 
(Witnessing this, I did not have the presence of mind to snap a photo, of course!)
Hubbs, without even thinking, headed out onto the pond...
crawling on his stomach to more evenly distribute his weight.

He quickly worked his way to the edge of the water
(kept from freezing by an aerator)
and freed Laverne's wing.

She happily jumped right into the water...
obviously relieved.

Hubbs is my hero.
While I was busy thinking of ways to get to the middle of the pond, 
he had already scurried out onto the ice.
What a guy!
He loves our animals as much as I do.

After the excitement, we continued our rounds...
checking on everyone.

The horses and donkeys were happily scratching through the snow for what
vegetation they could find... 

hey had already eaten the hay that we had put
in the front pasture for them.

The chickens were out enjoying the sunshine in the goat yard.

And Jill was smiling with the warmth of the sun.

The pigs emerged for their Ritz treats.

The sheep have been unfazed by this cold weather...
spending their days munching away.

After all the excitement, it was time to sit in front of the fire and finish this project...

with my favorite buddies by my side...

contentedly dreaming of warmer times.


  1. Your hero is truly a 'hero'. Glad there was a happy outcome, poor Laverne. Love the photo's of Chester. He looks such a happy guy - I wonder if he has got it together with the cats yet - how does he get on with Ivy in the house? On reading Frances's blog from Shetland her dog Loki apparently chases their cat when the cat is outside, but inside he doesn't bother with him (outside is good sport, or so he thinks) and so the cat tends to venture out at night time and sleeps at home during the day. On the subject of chasing, our rescue cat (whom we have now had 12 months) is still chasing our little female cat. The first few months they were all absolutely fine together, but for some reason he seems frightened and his way of coping is to chase her away. I am longing for harmony in the house. You sometimes wonder what goes on in these animal minds.

  2. Poor Laverne. Thank goodness Hubbs was able to help you..... I literally held my breath until I knew he got off the ice... You must of been scared watching him.
    Love happy endings.

  3. Happy hubs helped Laverne . . .
    Poor thing would have been in a trauma state if you hadn’t walked by!
    You have a great team happening at the haven farm . . .

  4. Thank you hubbs. I noticed Chester was right by him when he went on the ice. What a good dog he is.

  5. Glad for a happy ending! Stay warm and love how you care for all the tails!

  6. OMG..Happy for Laverne and so proud of Hubbs...A hero indeed and so caring..So glad you got to her soon...Glad everyone is safe and sound..Chester was keeping an eye on the whole rescue..Nice to end it all sitting in front of a cozy fire!! xxoo

  7. Glad the story had a happy ending! Looking at the sheep pictures, just how do they see? It looks like their wool covers up their eyes! Lisa G in TN

  8. Oh boy, there are so many rescues going on around here with freezing temps and far too much snow. I hear of them daily. Give hubs a hug from me...all the way from frozen Canada.

  9. diane in northern wisJanuary 4, 2018 at 8:20 PM

    Oh so glad to hear that your hubby got right out there so fast to free that duck's wing. Thank God you went walking and found her. You are so very diligent about caring for your animals and fowl under your care. Thank you for letting us in on all the goings-on in your lives. Sitting inside by a fire and cozying up sounds great. I wonder if the sheep can see out of all that wool? They look so comical sometimes! Take care. Thanks for a great blog.


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