Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Donkey Selfie

As I have lamented many times before...
it's almost impossible to get a good close-up photo of my donkey girls.

They are complete camera hogs...
thank goodness they don't have thumbs,

because if they did, their selfies would look something like this...

or this...

And believe me, they would be taking selfies constantly!!

Who can blame them...
after all, they are just about the most adorable two donkeys in the world!
(Especially when they dress up!)

And while we are on the subject of camera hogs...
our Oakley is the opposite...running and hiding whenever the camera is out.
The only way to get a good photo of him is to use an I-pad.
What a sweet boy he is.

We have weaned him down to the lowest dose of prednisone once daily
and he seems to be doing just fine on it.
He is laying on the floor beside me as I type this...
with the worst case of gas imaginable!
That's our Oakley!!!

Another day comes to a close....
a peaceful time at the barn.
The horses eat their supper as the sun sets.
I love this time of day... almost as much as I love mornings!

Speaking of handsome....he's showing off his best side!


  1. 🎶 Moonshadow 🎶 Moonshadow 🎶

  2. Those girls are incredibly adorable.

    That Moonie makes me swoon. ;0D

  3. what beautiful animals! winnie is a little camera hog too. she loves it when i pull out the camera!

  4. Thanks Colleen..That song has been going through my head all morning...Good picture of Moonie..He even poses..Maybe somebody that doesn't feed them should try taking pictures of the donkeys...I'm pretty sure that I have a couple of good ones ;)Enjoy your day..

  5. diane in northern wisDecember 20, 2017 at 10:08 PM

    Thanks for the always beautiful pics of your animals friends, Bev. Those donkeys are so cute! Love that Moonbeam too and Oakley, the hider. Hope your days leading up to Christmas are filled with peace and joy!


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