Wednesday, November 1, 2017


It's been a while since I have written a post that oozes forth from deep within my soul.
While it's true that I live in a world full of inspiration,
I often get swept away by the day-in-day-out workings of life on the farm.
My blog posts are often la-de-da musings of this or that...
barely scratching the surface of the wonder and amazement that I find in this world.

Yesterday I attended the funeral of a neighbor...
an elderly (mid-nineties) woman who lived on the farm adjacent to ours.

And although I did not know this woman all that well...
except for an occasional neighborly chit-chat...
there were many things about her with which I can identify.

She was a fiercely independant soul who loved her gardens and spent 
countless hours keeping them weed-free for as long as she was able.

Her last few years were spent house-bound with caretakers and family...
the effect of multiple strokes.
And although there was never any hope for her to return to her beloved gardens,
she never gave up the notion that one day she would be there again... pulling up weeds
and transplanting tiny seedlings.

She knew the joy felt when one has the good earth in one's hands.
She had an appreciation for the simple gifts that this earth offers to us.
She took the time to notice... to truly appreciate nature with wonder and amazement.

I know that there will never be a year that goes by as I work in my garden,
that I won't stop for a moment and think of you, Vivian.
I may one day be that little old lady... living alone on a farm... 
stubbornly trying to do everything for myself...
and longing to play in the dirt until I take my last dying breath.
Rest in Peace, Vivian... may your eternal rest be found in a garden.

When death touches us or those who are near us,
it reminds us to...

Live today as though it is your last day.

 Watch the sun rise, or listen to the birds sing.
Fill your senses with the miracle of a flower.
Listen to the crunch of leaves beneath your feet.
Remember what it's like to be a child... 
to be open and amazed by the world that surrounds you.
Be there for those you love... until you can no longer be there.

"Learn as though you will live forever.
Live as though you will die tomorrow."

                                      Mahatma Ghandi

Happy November, friends.
Take time to find gratitude in every day!


  1. Beautiful and touching and very true. There are so many worries and woes in life it is sometimes hard not to feel dragged down, but your inspirational posts are more than enough to lift a heavy hard and a reminder that we should not take the wonderful things around us for granted.

  2. God speed Vivian. My dad is gardening (and probably playing poker) in heaven and Vivian is probably joining him there. Gosh, just think of the produce that is grown in heaven.

  3. Lovely tribute. Rest in peace Vivian.

  4. Beautifully felt,beautifully stated.

  5. I'll bet Ms. Vivian is planting seeds right now to bless you in the spring. God rest her sweet soul.

    November is here. So many things for which to be grateful.

  6. Very touching post. Rest in peace Vivian.

    I lost my dear sister suddenly in February. She was way too young to die. It has taught me to not take each day for granted.

    May we all enjoy each new day, Janie

  7. She sounds like she was an amazing lady
    Ia very sweet tribute to her

    I've been missing in action
    I fractured my back on September 16th
    I'm still off work
    So we broke down this Sunday and got a iPad with internet
    Ramona from Mississippi aka The JRP

  8. Dear Ramona....

    Oooooohhhh.... I feel for you....that is very painful. Hang in there....time truly does heal.

  9. A lovely post for All Souls.A reminder we all can use.Thank you.

  10. October was an emotionally scattered month for me. Your post is a good reminder of life's priorities, and that always sets the compass back on the right track.

  11. Your posts continue to add so much to my day....I read them with my online devotionals. Thank you so much for reminding us to find joy in our lives where we are. Blessings be.

  12. What a wonderful, uplifting post! Thank you!

  13. diane in northern wisNovember 1, 2017 at 10:30 PM

    Thank you Bev. What a beautiful post today. You are indeed correct in your musings about life. Wishing you a beautiful November. Enjoy.


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