Thursday, October 12, 2017

What We Do When It Rains

Yesterday was the perfect day for staying indoors.
We received much needed rain...
which slowed everything down.

Some prefer to remain indoors...

Some could care less...
chalk it up to bird brains.

Some avoid it at all cost... except, of course, if food is involved!

Some don't even seem to notice.

You asked how often the horses get groomed.
Generally once a month they get a good "going-over".

This is mostly because they are pasture pets and not working.
If they were working, they would be groomed each time they worked.

But still, on occasion, everyone gets brushed...
manes and tails get combed and hooves get picked clean.

And how do they repay the kindness of a good grooming?

Well, by rolling in the dirt, or mud, or standing in the pouring rain...
to name just a few ways.

I will say, though...
they do enjoy the attention and are all very well behaved for this activity.

You asked about Red and Ollie's personalities.
Ollie is a spitfire most of the time.
He is sweet and lovable, and yet, at the same time,
 he is independent and a bit of a naughty boy... he is often a little cranky...
the result of being an orphan, I believe.

Red, on the other hand is usually sweet.
He does, however have a bit of an impatient streak in him and
thinks nothing of head-butting me whenever I take longer than he thinks I should...
especially when I am haltering him for walking to the pasture.

They may be the smallest, but believe me...
nobody pushes these two around.
They are an inseparable force of nature.

Gardening season is winding down and it's time to think about winterizing the garden.
There are still lots of herbs left to use...
some to dry, some to freeze.

I cut a few handfuls yesterday and brought them in to make
a culinary herb wreath for the kitchen.

There is nothing better than the smell of aromatic herbs.

I wired handfuls of these onto this wreath form with floral wire...

and made a wreath for the pantry door.
It is next to the stove... so it will be handy for cutting herbs for cooking.


  1. Bev, what a life you and your family lead! You certainly are blessed! Also in saying this, I need to add: We realize this wonderful farm with all its delightful creatures, nice looking buildings, wonderful blooms, etc., would not look as nice as it does, without the hard work you and your family put into it! I continue to be amazed!

  2. What a perfect spot for the wreath. You come up with the neatest ideas!!

  3. I LOVE the wreath! I have two massive rosemary bushes and I think I'll make a wreath today. The plants have grown too big for the kitchen garden but I am not sure how much I can trim them back without killing them! My mint (which was in a container) is also taking over. Any good ideas for loads and loads of mint?

  4. I love the screen door on the pantry. I was hoping to have that in our new home, but there is NO pantry here at all! ;0(

    The garden certainly has fed you well this season. Do you grow any winter crops (broccoli, kale...)? Or is it too cold?

    Your sweet critters are livin' the good life, for sure.
    I hope we'll get some of that rain tomorrow! Enjoy!

  5. That wreath is gorgeous!!!!


  6. We're still getting eggplants like crazy! Temps are finally starting to cool.

  7. Love your wreath..What a great idea..Purrfect !! xoxo

  8. I am imagining the wonderful fragrance from your herb wreath . . .
    Love seeing “the family” pretty, primped . . . a bit of mud too . . .


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