Friday, October 6, 2017


Ahhhh.... October.
How I love October.
It's a transition month.
The days are getting shorter, the nights cooler...
but still there is a hint of summer still with us.

Autumn has begun to unpack his colorful wardrobe, and the brown fields
that held lush corn and soy all summer are now edged in purples, blues, and golds...
asters, chickory, and goldenrod in full bloom.

The trees are just beginning to turn...
although many have dropped brown leaves before turning colors.
It might be an unusual autumn this year.

It seems that everywhere you look are pumpkins of all shapes, sizes, and colors.

And yet, in the garden, Summer's colors continue to hold fast...
despite the two mornings of frost we had earlier this week.

I walk through the garden, lingering, at each colorful blossom...
taking in the vibrance and setting it firmly in my memory.

I look at each blossom as a gift...

the gift of tenacity...

each plant trying to hold on as long as possible, despite the unsavory 
conditions of drought and frost.

It's funny, but the most perfect rose of the summer has bloomed... now.

I am happy and humbled to be the recipient of such stalwart beauty.

This transition time of year is a gift because it gives us one last chance...
one last chance to enjoy what Summer brought...

and the chance to gently, and gradually slip into a cold and bleak time.
So, I will pay attention to every tiny detail of every day...
enjoying every moment of this season,
my favorite.

The garden continues to gift us with peppers... both sweet and hot.

Summer's tomatoes have largely finished,
but the volunteers that came up from seed are just starting to ripen.

These are heirloom green tomatoes... one of my favorite.
This year a plant that came up from seed in the potato box will
supply us with these yummies as long as the frost stays away.

Someone asked me this past week if I needed any more roosters.
My answer was this...
"Does anybody really need any roosters?"
No, we still have 5 roosters... although, as of yesterday afternoon, one was unaccounted for.

Aging Milford (who I must say, has the longest spurs this side of the Rockies) ...

and his crony, George...

Then there are the two handsome white roos... Egg and Fish... one of which I could not find....
although I suspect he may have been hiding in the woods.

And lastly, there's still Number 7.

So, do we need another rooster?
I took a poll amongst the hens.
"Definitely NOT!" was their reply.


  1. LOL.. no roos here... I hate what they do to the hens. Yours have lots of room to get away.

    I noticed yesterday on this farm that the leaves seem to be turning brown before falling.. I don't think we're going to have as colorful a fall foliage appearance as we did last year.

  2. I have the pictures of your flowers etched in my memory...just breath taking!!
    It has been so dry here that our foliage isn't very colorful this year.
    No roos for us as I'm sure the neighbors wouldn't appreciate their wake-up call.

  3. Lovely post of beautiful flowers . . .
    Gorgeous Rose!
    Roosters do add a bit of spice to the Haven I am sure.
    Enough is Enough . . .

  4. Oh, what's one more rooster? I think summer is hanging on longer and longer and the flowers are still beautiful. I don't see any cold in the near future. I hope we don't miss fall completely . Your flowers are beautiful. Have a great weekend.

  5. Bev - your post was so uplifting. Love your Roosters - even though I am sure the hens do not. Our leaves are falling as well without turning...dry the entire month of Sept. with the last two weeks being in the 90's - so unusual.
    Your flowers are so beautiful...enjoy each blossom always seems like forever from the last bloom of the season to the first ones in the spring. Take care and God bless.

  6. Autumn floral colours are always so vivid. Love the shot of those pumpkins too!

  7. Beverly, this is such a beautiful post. Your garden flowers are just beautiful, and I love the roosters. I have always wanted to live where you could watch the seasons pass. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Funny we always kept just one roo with our hens and the girls seemed thankful. Your garden and flowers look pretty and I agree October is a great transition month. I think our temperatures may finally get in the lower 80's next week, maybe even into the 70's. Can hardly wait!!


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