Friday, October 20, 2017


It's 7:30 AM...
and I'm out doing morning chores.
I am alone, because this is Hubbs' day off from chores.
(We try to give each other one day off each week... otherwise we work together.)
It is so peaceful at this time of day.
There are a few birds chirping in the woods.
Other than the quacking of the ducks, the farm is quiet.

The horses and donkeys are enjoying the morning in the front pasture.

It's 40 degrees - but the sun is up, and things will warm up quickly.
I am picking up the night's accumulation of horse manure,
with the dogs nearby.

I often find this when picking up manure.
I have decided that this is the equine version of Ladder Ball.
They back their butts up to the fence and if they can poop onto the fence rail...
they score!

Suddenly there are loud squeals of protest coming from the pig's stall.
It sounds as if an altercation is in progress.

Even the muscovies are curious about the hullaballoo.

There's only one thing that these piggy girls fight about...
and it's food!
Apparently there is not enough hay in their stall for them to feel secure,
so I run to the barn and grab a few flakes.

Once there is adequate hay so that no one worries about starving to death,
peace is restored.

Before having pigs of my own...
I would hear unearthly squeals and grunts coming from a local pig farm.
It was an awful sound and one that sometimes haunted me as I worked around the farm.

After having two pigs of my own and witnessing their skirmishes over food...
I can only imagine how it must be with several hundred pigs.
No thank you.

Other than mealtime squabbles, these girls are always peaceful and well-mannered.
I really cannot complain.
Don't tell anyone else, but these two are my favorites (if that is possible.)

The Nervous Nellies are becoming the Not-So-Nervous Nellies.
They are quite secure in their life around the barn and spend their days
eating, bathing, and searching for tasty bugs.

The funny thing is... they are always together.
It's as though they are tied together by an invisible string.

It's quite comical.
I guess it's "security in numbers."

Remember that enormous duck egg we found earlier this week?

I ate it for breakfast yesterday...
conjoined double yolker!

Another weekend has arrived.
This weekend will be full (like most)...
we are participating in a Breast Cancer walk on Saturday
and going to see Dr. Becky and Sid at their dressage show on Sunday.
I hope to have some great photos to share with you on Monday!
Make it a great weekend!

I am planning to purchase my own internet domain to house my blog.
I currently write my blog on a platform known as "Blogger".
With the publishing troubles that I have experienced, I am planning to
leave Blogger and use another platform.
I will let you know when the move takes place so that you can make the appropriate change and follow me to my new home.
I am hoping that this will settle all publishing issues I am experiencing.
All of the posts up to that point will remain right here...
My final post at this address will furnish you with a link to our new home.
It's time for a change!


  1. Good luck on the transfer of your blog to its own website on another platform. I hope you are able to transfer all of your years of content and photos. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. I won't be able to transfer anything from before....but it will always be right here....with one final post directing anyone who wants to see what's new to the new address.

  3. Conjoined double yolker! That DOES deserve a photo!

  4. The fence poo is pretty funny! That is so cool you got a double yoke duck egg. Yesterday we got two ducks eggs, but we only have one laying duck. After looking around online, apparently that is normal. I had no idea!

    I do hope the changes will help out your FB issues. It's amazing the terrible things they allow on there, and yet they are blocking you, and you aren't doing anything to hurt anyone!

    I will for sure follow the new blog! And I hope you have a great weekend. :)

  5. Funny, they don't look like they are starving...I'm glad the nervous Nellies are adapting and Happy..Have a good weekend.


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