Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Morning Colors

Come, let's take a walk through the early morning dew.
After days of clouds and rain, the sky has cleared and the sun is once again warm.

Nothing smells fresher than the earth after it's been washed by gentle rains.

We are so lucky, here in the country, to always have fresh air...
except of course when the neighboring farms spread their cow manure!

I am enjoying the last bits of summer's color.

In all too short a time these colors will disappear...

and the farm will take on the drab greys and browns of winter.

'Til then, however, I will take note of every blossom.

I will ponder the veins on the elephant ear leaves.

I will enjoy the symphonies of birdsong, of katydids and crickets.

Butterfly house in the butterfly garden.
Because... in the blink of an eye they will have faded away...
replaced by the silence and stillness of winter's slumber.

I want to memorize the depth of each color so that I can conjure it once again
to sustain me through that time of monochromatic rest.

I can tell the season is about to change.
The signs are all there.
The spiders are busy spinning their intricate webs...
weighted down by the morning dew.

The blackbirds are flocking together... 
soon we will see huge murmurations...thousands of blackbirds flying together as a single unit...
weaving up and down, side to side through the autumn sky...
as if of a single mind.

Very soon our walks will be upon dry crunchy leaves
and the daylight available for walking will shorten.

I am harvesting the energy of summer and storing it in my soul...
to fuel the hope of spring during the long winter weeks.

Winter is coming, my friends...

let's enjoy the last colors of summer and the weeks of autumn splendor.

Let's harvest the warmth and the beauty and keep it in our mind's eye...

so that we can enjoy it over and over again!

Note:  I learned a little gardening trick this summer.
When you plant mammoth sunflowers...
plant in groups of three ( I plant the seeds in a triangle)...
as the stalks grow, tie the three stalks together and they will hold each other up
all summer long.
When the seed heads become heavy... the stalks will not fall over!


  1. Where has the summer gone? (where has the whole year gone?)As they say "Time and tide wait for no man" - or woman. Definitely Autumnal here. You have inspired me (once again) to make the most of these Autumn days because as you so rightly say, Winter is not far away.

  2. That sky is SO blue! What a great trick with the sunflowers! Smart!
    That butterfly house is beautiful! Details?
    You have an array of gorgeous colors to keep in mind all winter long.
    It is getting cooler here already. This week we are projected to have mornings in the 50's! I'm diggin' this seasonal living. Going up to the attic today to bring down the warmer clothes that I just got up there a couple of weeks ago. ;0D
    Enjoy the remnants of summer...

  3. Beautiful pictures!!

  4. Thanks for the giant sunflower tip, we've always used stakes, this will be better

  5. I find it wonderful to live where I experience the FOUR SEASONS . . .
    Beauty and preparation in each . . .

    Thank you for the sunflower tip!
    I will pass it on . . .

  6. Lovely post. So nice that the sunflowers hold each other up. I will be very glad when the temperatures are cold again and the bugs are gone. The itching will be over for a while. Yay! I love the change of seasons. Each has its pros and cons. Hope you are having a good day.

  7. Beautifully written - thanks for the reminder to cherish each moment.
    P.S. I am so happy that you are/will be writing a book.

  8. what a great tip! it seems like i find a sunflower stalk broken and a head on the ground daily. my squirrels love it! i need to cut and dry hydrangeas too..i keep forgetting. i plants lots of mums today. fall is here!

  9. diane in northern wisSeptember 5, 2017 at 10:33 PM

    Wonderful pictures and dialogue, Bev. I am drinking in the beautiful colors from your pictures! Love those colorful flowers and apples and peppers, etc. I love the color of Autumn too, which I know will be beautiful at your farm...and yes, I love the serenity and snow-falling white of winter. I look forward to every season of the year, and especially sharing them with you on your blog. Thank you for a beautiful blog.

  10. What a beautiful sight! Your gardens are full of gorgeous colors.
    Great tip about the sunflowers.


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