Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Midges, Figs, and Guinea Adventures

Yesterday... finally, after weeks of trying... Chloe acquiesced...
and agreed to wear her fly mask!

Daphne is the sensible one.
She believes in sensible shoes and fly masks.
She's rebellious.  
It's stillettos and no fly masks for her.

I am afraid that no one will be showing their handsome faces in the near future.

We have been inundated this past week with midges.
(you might know them as gnats, or no-see-ems)
Whatever you choose to call them...
they are annoying as heck to both man and beast.

I believe that Chloe has finally realized that the only way to keep midges out of
one's ears is to give in to the fly mask... at least for now.

We are having a week of hot weather,
so I am afraid that the tiny pests are here to stay... at least until cold weather.
I am currently looking for a fly mask that will fit me perfectly!!

Several years ago I planted two figs.

I took a chance as we are just a little far north for figs.
I babied the young plants, covering them with burlap each winter to protect from harsh weather.
I had planted them in an area that was protected from strong winds.
It seems that my care has paid off.
My bushes are filled with ripe figs... the first ever!

I am going to try drying them.
(I'll get back to you on how that works.)

And last...
finally the guinea youngsters have decided to venture outside their house.
It took two days.

The first day they forgot how to go back inside.

After helping them out that first night,
 they remembered to return to their house the next night.
Last night, however, I found them all outside in the dark.

It's always a learning process!


  1. Ahh bless - aren't they gorgeous and how they have grown. The figs look amazing, fancy growing your own figs that's some achievement. I wonder what you will do with them - eat them as they are or put them in something wonderful?

  2. I love guinea hens! We can't have any where we live because the neighbors wouldn't appreciate their noise so I will just have to admire yours.
    Figs!!!! Yipee!!!

  3. And guineas get to relearn that EVERY day! Can't believe you managed to grow figs! Would love to see the finished product.

  4. I had a fig tree in the yard of a house we bought in the 60's..We never did anything to it and it was very prolific.
    The Guineas are getting big..Not known for their smarts?
    Get out the bug suit.
    When Spring comes it quickly reminds me why I dislike summer..It's buggy every day..all day..I spray a ball cap to wear when I walk Mollie..It saves my head.The cleaner you are, the better you smell makes it much worse..Then when you start to sweat a bit, you're done!! Bring on the cold!!
    Here's to a bite free day..xxoo

  5. my fig trees are huge and have produced no figs. go figure!

  6. My grandma used to make fig jam. Oh my gosh it was heaven!


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