Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Farm Life Is Always An Adventure

It doesn't take much to excite the troops.
"Who wants to go to work?" is all I have to say,
and everyone scrambles out the door.

At times there is competition for riding shotgun.
Cooperation is demanded and everyone is appeased.

These two... my companions whenever the gator motor is started.
These two just love an adventure... any adventure...
but insist on reliable transportation.

We are out and about on a garden mission.

We pick the day's ripe tomatoes and peppers.

Harvest is waning.
The garden is growing more and more barren.
Soon it will be time to tuck the garden boxes in for the winter,
beneath a blanket of homegrown compost.

After leaving the garden, we headed up to visit our senior center.

Yes, the goat pen has become the geriatric center of the farm...
with the queen of the elders...


As close as we can figure, Jill is about 16 years old.
She gave us many adorable kids in her day,
and now spends her days relaxing in the shade and grazing in the cool evening.

Months ago, we moved our three remaining Nigerian dwarf goats in with the fainters.
All three seem to enjoy the company of the others.
You might remember that Star had quite a large mammary tumor.
(This photo doesn't show her tumor...just her wide belly...which she has always had.)

Dr. Becky felt it was a cancerous growth, but since she did not seem to be in distress,
we opted to not put her through any treatment.
(the surgical success rate is relatively low, apparently)
She has lost weight over the months, but still seems to enjoy life.
We are preparing ourselves for her eventual passing... 
and will assist with that if she seems uncomfortable.
For now, though, she just keeps keeping on!

We leave the goats and stop outside the pig yard.

Several chestnuts have fallen on the road, so I stop to pick them up.
These will be a tasty treat for later when the pigs get their meal.

You might also remember a few weeks ago that we had several skunk attacks.
We feared that a skunk may be living beneath the tarp that covers our large woodpile.
In an effort to prove this, Hubbs set up our three game cameras on that side of the house.

Sure enough... there is the culprit.
And here is the solution...

a stink-free skunk trap that will not harm the skunk,
but will allow for transport to a distant location.

(If you find a new skunk in your yard... [wink] don't blame us!!)
What does one use to bait a skunk trap... so that one's kitty will not end up in the trap
instead of the skunk?
Apparently.... marshmallows.

We shall see how this works.

PS....thank you for your sweet and heartfelt comments...
I am happy to be a small part of your day.
I'd love hearing more about you!


  1. I enjoy my BeeHaven Farm visits . . . .
    I especially liked the second shotgun pictures . . .
    Why can't that happen with more people.

  2. Yours is the first place I look each morning, even if I look nowhere else. I just love all your farm tales. You are so lucky to live this lifestyle, and the care you give all entrusted to you is such a joy to see.
    Keep it up, we love you.

  3. Love to come to the farm to visit - good cheer, yet full of thoughtfulness. I too love that second pic of the two friends riding shotgun.

  4. Hi Bev! I have been a faithful reader for years and my visits to your site leave me smiling. I live in Oklahoma and work a corporate job- our lives couldn't be more different. But I sure do love glimpses into yours and appreciate your outlook on life, which is refreshingly positive and kind. Hard to find sometimes, it seems!
    Best to you and yours.

  5. Love the first two pictures..People could learn a lot from those two..Looks like the goaties have taken a back seat to all the other critters..They are a little out of the main stream..How many are left now?? Good luck catching "Mr Skunk." You sure don't want a whole family living there..I hope this is the last of the 90's for this year :)

  6. diane in northern wisSeptember 27, 2017 at 10:18 PM

    Good luck with your skunk trap! We have trapped raccoons with marshmallows in the past, so why not skunks? Love those two who ride along with you when you do chores outside...they are so darn loveable. Bev, I never miss a day of reading your always interesting blog, and if we're gone out of town....I catch right up with your blog when I get back home. You're the best!

  7. I love that you have a Senior Center for those animals that have passed the brightest years of their lives and are now able to enjoy their golden years. You are a good "farm momma". xo Diana


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