Thursday, September 7, 2017

Chicken Drama

This rainy, cool summer has benefited the weed population.
Look at the chicken yard...

it's lined with enormous weeds.

There's a path through the middle just large enough for us to walk...
for feeding, watering and cleaning purposes.

At any given time, there will be at least 10 chickens relaxing in holes beneath these weeds.
The chickens dig holes in the dirt for their dirt baths.
So you see... this is, in essence, a chicken spa!!

One of our little red hens from this summer's batch of chicks is
head over spurs in love with Number 7.

She waits outside his pen each morning for the door to open and Number 7 to emerge.
Then she spends her day following him around... sometimes in the company of a few of her sisters.

He's quite handsome and does a beautiful morning dance to entice her...
not that she needs any encouragement!

One of these mornings I will film all of the drama that ensues when the door 
to the chicken house opens.
Number 7 comes running out...
pursued by big white "Fish".

Fish is definitely head honcho in this henhouse and wields that authority
un-mercilessly upon Number 7 every single morning.
The only silver lining is his little red hen who is waiting for him with a sparkle in her eye.

Chicken drama... if you've ever had chickens... you know exactly what I mean!

Yesterday brought us another inch of rain...
no barn renovation work done...
maybe today?

PS.... the donkey grazing muzzles are by Shires....I don't know what website I bought them on, however.  The size that I bought for the girls is the pony size.  I had to snug it up the whole way to fit, but the muzzle part was big enough for mini-donkey nosies.
Hope that helps.


  1. Poor Number 7, I hope Fish doesn't upset him too much. He must know he is loved by that beautiful little hen and that must cheer him up. Chickens are such amazing characters. Unless you have kept them, you would never imagine how clever they can be and how amazing and interesting they are. I have only got 2 girls now but they don't half know how to wrap me around their little dinosaur toes. They know exactly what they want and when they want it. They have such lovely charming personalities I can't resist spoiling them and spending time just being with them. Anyone who feels depressed or sad should definitely keep chickens - my two babies brighten my day.

  2. I didn't think any of the white Roosters were still around..Fish must know how to behave himself. Nice to have girls fighting over you..The weeds make nice hiding places..DO you find any eggs in there?? Number 7 is handsome indeed..I hpe you had a good day..Nice to see the sun..

  3. Thanks for the info on the muzzles. I'm going to keep a close eye on Sir Winston this winter. Hopefully he'll slim down a bit. I think the problem was how well all our pastures did this year, usually by this time they're petering out but they still require occasional mowing!

  4. Chicken drama, chicken romance - I'm looking forward to that video!

    I bet your chickens are extremely healthy, living such a perfectly happy life in a perfect chicken paradise.


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