Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Bit and Bobs

We've been so lucky to be able to enjoy these last few days of summer...
with beautiful weather.

Sunny skies with cool temperatures has allowed us to get a lot of work done around the farm...
things from the "long list" that are hard to accomplish in the heat of summer.

Family matters took me away from the farm for most of yesterday...
and so, I have no stories to share with you...
just a few little bits and bobs.

When I arrived home (late afternoon), I quickly changed into painting clothes
and headed to the barn.
While Hubbs painted our cute little outhouse, 
I painted the cinderblock beneath this end of the barn to match the barn.

We worked until it was time to tuck the animals in for the night.
The rest of the barn should be completed today.
Meanwhile, Hubbs and I will move on to run-in sheds and chicken coops, etc.
By the time we finish, the farm will look brand-spanking new!

I am knitting once again... thanks to longer evenings.
I started a new wrap this weekend...
and as you can see, Chester is the perfect knitting companion!

I am using a 100% silk yarn in pale lavender that has a single, thin silver thread running through it.

The photo unfortunately does not do it justice.
Perhaps a sunlight photo, when it is complete, will better show you how beautiful this yarn is.

So sorry for today's lack of content....
I'll make up for it tomorrow...


  1. Nothing wrong with bits and bobs!
    I have been warming up my knitting needles also. Have several pair of double knit mittens to make for christmas.
    BAH is sure going to look spiffy wirh all that new paint!

  2. Our lives are made up of the bits and bobs. Thinking about the clean up in areas like Houston and Southwest Florida, having a "regular" day sounds pretty good to me!
    I am determined to get myself knitting this winter. I guess I will be learning via You Tube, where there is so much help!
    Enjoy your gorgeous weather.

  3. "Bits and Bobs" works just fine!

  4. Nice bits and blobs..Summer isn't over I'm afraid..I've been loving this cool!! What are you knitting with that yarn?? The barn looks great..Happy knitting/painting..

  5. diane in northern wisSeptember 12, 2017 at 9:21 PM

    Love your blog Bev. Whether there's a lot to see or just a little...it always feels like coming home when I drop in on your blog. Thanks for all you do!!! Love the color of that yarn....looks gorgeous!


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