Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Bad Hair Days

Yesterday was a "bad hair" sort of day for everyone here on the farm.

Clouds, cool temperatures and steady rain kept some indoors all day.

Some sought shelter in the gator.

The more adventurous braved the precipitation and went about 
their days as usual.

After all, if they don't venture out to eat...
they might go hungry.

There are always rewards for coming outside.

Room service was not an option.
Plenty of grass is available to those with coats that are impervious to rain!

And then there are the chickens...

who have plenty of food inside,
but who prefer to be outside running around in the rain.

It has been the rainiest summer ever here on the farm.
It's great not having to water.
Now we just need a little sunshine to ripen the rest of the (hundreds of) tomatoes.
I will roast and freeze many of them for later use.

I am happy to say that we now have a temporary phone line on the ground
between the pole in the front pasture and the house.
Hopefully it will be buried underground soon.
Now we can upgrade our service to a faster internet speed.
I am so happy!


Louise Stopford said...

It's been a really wet summer here in UK (so far). We had a couple of hot spells in June and then rain and more rain - the weeds sure are growing fast!! I have just got this feeling this year that we are going to fall in Autumn very quickly - mornings have been cool with a definite Autumnal feel in the air. Don't think the chickens mind the rain to much. Mine are still happy to potter around. The cats, well that's another issue - they don't like getting wet at all. Yes a little bit more sunshine please before we fall into Autumn. Perhaps it's going to be an indian summer.

Karen Ann said...

It's starting to feel like the summer that wasn't, isn't it? I haven't had to water our gardens much here in CT either.

daisy gurl said...

I'm with the chickens. Wandering in the rain helps you feel alive and gives time to appreciate the wonder of it. We are expected to have a lot of rain this week, so I will be going to get some soil for sowing.

Enjoy the gift of rain!

Missy George said...

Technology is great when it works..Hope you are up to speed soon..Poor Sammy..I'm sure he's fine but he looks so forlorn. xoxo

Lynne said...

Rain, Rain, come again ANOTHER DAY!
Love the markings of that chick in the first pic.!

diane in northern wis said...

Thanks for all the great pictures Bev. I loved seeing everybody out in the rain or in for shelter! This has been the rainiest summer for us here in northern Wisconsin too. Our family in southern Wisconsin reports the same thing. quite a year for rain. I love your garden....it produces so much! Everything you touch seems to flourish. So fun checking in on you nightly. Keep up the great blog.

roth phallyka said...

I haven't had to water our gardens much here in CT either.



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