Thursday, July 20, 2017

This Was Wednesday...

From the bottom of our hearts,
we thank you all for chiming in regarding Sammie's torn cruciate.
Thanks for the recommendation regarding Previcox, also... we will try that as well.
Making decisions for our pets is difficult in that 
they unfortunately don't have a voice.... we have to be their voice.
Hearing your experiences with the same issues helped assure us that we are
making the right choice for Sammie.
Enough said.
(I'll let you know how it goes in the coming weeks!)

I did something yesterday that I have not done in years:
I played 9 holes of golf with Hubbs and some dear friends.
As expected, without practice, I mostly stank.
However, I did have a few nice shots.
I have found that even with practice, though, I mostly stink... with a few good shots.
That might just be the way that game goes... at least for the majority of us.
Or we could just blame it on the heat!

As for the farm, we are spending most of our chore time filling water containers...

refilling with cool water to help combat the heat.

It's no surprise that the pigs are spending a good deal of time in their pool.

Surf's up!

It's also no surprise that the runner ducks have not touched their pool yet.
Too scary!

We are in that time of year when I rarely need to go to the grocery store.

Dinner is usually chicken or fish from the freezer and whatever veggies are in the garden.
Last night we had broiled wild-caught Alaskan salmon with this lemon dill aioli...
We are lucky to have access in this area to (sustainably caught) Wild For Salmon...
A company owned by a young local couple.
They own a fishing boat in Alaska and fish for salmon each summer...
flash freezing it and shipping it back to our area to sell at their store and local farmer's markets.

Yesterday while weeding the garden, I happened to notice these eggplants...

and these...

and these...

Ratatouille is one of my favorite things to make and to eat...
so a good crop of eggplant is most exciting!

We pulled the last of the broccoli plants out of this box...
leaving behind the rosemary that I planted between the broccoli.
I am happy to report that the rosemary seemed to keep the green broccoli worms away this year...
I could find none of them on my broccoli....for the first time ever!

The heat has not affected egg production,
as each day we have our choice of  turkey, duck, and chicken eggs.

The chickens are happily digging holes and taking dust baths!


  1. Looks like everyone is doing their best to try to keep cool. Can't believe how hot it must be for you over there. We had a very humid day here in UK yesterday (but no two days seem to be alike) as today it is much cooler and raining - the Great British Summer!! Your Runner Ducks remind me of my chickens. They are terrified of anything new. I put in a large branch for them to play on but would they go near it. It's been in their run for weeks now and all they do is give it a wide birth - much too scary.

  2. the runner ducks are so funny. this heat is awful. teddy hardly goes out all day. me too! are you getting many tomatoes yet? my garden is rather disappointing this year. too much heat and too much rain and not at the same time. i gave up on golf a long time ago. it was way too frustrating and the time it takes to get better...i'd rather be doing something else.

  3. Glad you are at peace with your decision for Sammie Boy. Always follow your heart...

    That eggplant looks delicious! I just planted some this week and look forward to making my mom's ratatouille recipe. Never tire of the stuff.

    Water is the only place to be right now. I give myself a daily "daisy spritzer", as I call it, with the hose nozzle whenever I am out there working on the garden. Nothing like it to cool a gal off.

    Enjoy your day!

  4. Keeping cool is the name of the game around here too!
    I'd say . . . Outstanding Eggplant crop this year!

  5. EVERYONE'S golf game is like that -- it's the couple of good shots that keep people hooked into playing again, lol!

  6. Bev, you might want to check this out. I immediately thought of you when I watched it.

  7. Glad Sammy is staying with the status quo...Less tension for everyone..We all have ways of keeping cool...Too bad that for me's staying inside. The piggies look happy in their pool..
    Salmon sounds wonderful.. As for your's always that way..Sometimes you have less bad shots, sometimes more..Hope you are having a good day..

  8. Thank you Patsy....I have seen that video and just love it. I posted it on my Facebook page...saying that this is the world that I know so well. Animals are capable of so much more than humans give them credit for!


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