Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Peaceful Pond Life

The sun is up, but hidden by the hill that rises from across the road.
The air is cool and filled with the song of the wood thrush.
We drive the gator down the long driveway as several bunnies dart
and run... startled by the sudden presence of our dogs.

It's morning and we are headed out to attend to the first chores of the day.
We know not what awaits us as we head out to find our farm friends.
There are surprises each and every day...
wonders and mysteries of nature that delight us and inspire us as we work.

Our first stop each morning is the pond.
Here we find our Muscovy ducks awaiting our arrival on top of the duck hut.

They roost here each night,
then hop off in the morning to enjoy the breakfast we bring them.

On this particular morning, they nibble on the rooftop moss
before hopping down for their food.

After breakfast, they find their way to the water
and begin the process of bathing and preening.

We were surprised to see them diving under the water,
only to re-surface about 30 feet from where they submerged.

I'm not sure what they are doing under water,
but when they emerge, they shake themselves dry,
then stretch out of the water, flapping their wings vigorously.

They meet each new day with enthusiasm.
Their world is a small one...but they don't seem to mind.
They are quite content with their little pond...
and cohabitate with the other ducks quite peacefully.

Meanwhile, the fish are enjoying their breakfast as well...

It seems that seven giant koi remain in our pond.
We hope to re-stock the pond with some smaller fish by the end of summer.

The pond is definitely one of our favorite spots on the farm.
It is a great place to sit and meditate or contemplate.

As for Nature's surprises....
we found this snapping turtle on his way to our pond...

and instead we delivered him to a nearby stream.
I am sure that the fish and ducks would be much happier without him in their pond!


  1. I can see why it's a favorite spot.

  2. What a delightful spot. It's no wonder the ducks are happy with their world.

  3. i would love to sit there and watch those ducks! we have horribly hot humid weather here now. a heron ate all of our koi.

  4. I have seen the ducks in Boiling Springs do that..especially Mallards...Don't know if it has any particular purpose. I know that when they dive it's for food...You sure don't want any Snappers in there..They can do a lot of damage to your population.. I guess the Muscovys like greens with their breakfas†..Hope your day is just Ducky..

  5. An American in TokyoJuly 12, 2017 at 8:02 PM

    Did you add music to the daffy diving ducks video?!
    Somehow, it made me laugh! Especially at the end when one duck quacks three times! hee hee!

    I love all the sounds on your farm!
    It's nice to hear them through the videos.
    Keep 'em coming! ;D


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