Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Why Is Everyone So Tired?

Brown Sammie would have you believe that he is a very old, tired dog.
Over the years we've had Dr. Becky draw blood to test for all sorts of maladies...
afraid that there was a reason for his lethargy.

The results are always normal.

Whenever we go out for chores, Sam begs to ride in the gator.

At times he jumps in preemptively, 
just in case we were thinking of going somewhere.

He'd never want to be left alone.

In fact, if I leave him in the house without closing all of the sliding doors,
he will claw his way through the screens to get outside with us.
(See why his other name is Bad Sammie?)

I re-screen at least three doors each summer... not my most favorite job,
although at this point I am quite proficient at it!

He hitches a ride in the gator and then parks himself wherever we are...
and sleeps.

I have come to the conclusion that he is just a lazy dog.

Hubbs always says "Sammie is just conserving energy."
Maybe he's right....

Meanwhile back at the house....

Oh, no.... not you, too!!

 Ivy has learned to follow Sam's lead.

Lazy kitty!


  1. What lives they have, what wonderful lives.

  2. As long as it doesn't rub off on you and Hubbs all is good ☺

  3. maybe they get tired watching you work all day!

  4. Dear wonderful precious Sammy,
    We all know how much you love your owners and how much they love you. Why walk when you can ride? That seems very intelligent to me. And it is easier to close your eyes than to keep them open. Scratching thru the screen to get out and be with everyone else also makes perfect sense. I think you have got it Sam. Everyone else needs to learn from you.

  5. They are smart!! Save your energy for something worthwhile!! I remember my Sammie.You could not put a door between her and her family or her house..he went through doors trying to get in!! I see more of Zoeys belly than I need to ;)

  6. Wonderful and creative work.


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