Thursday, June 15, 2017

Vicious Pig? And a Request....

Yesterday afternoon chores led me out into the pasture to look for the pigs.
I had found the sheep in the pig house enjoying the shade,

but the pigs were no where to be found.

I called and called....but no pigs.

I looked across the expanse of the pigs.

There were, however, three of these little fellows playing in the shade of the lower end of the pasture.
You've got to admit... babies are adorable, no matter the species.

And although groundhogs are not a favored species amongst farmers,
(because of the gi-normous holes that they dig)
I will leave these little guys alone.

It seems their burrow is somewhere in the woods as there is no hole in the pasture.
However, if we start finding big holes that can break horses' legs, we may have to have a little talk!

Check out how big this little fellow's nose is!
"The better to smell you with, my dear."

I called the pigs again...still no answer.
I walked up closer to the barn so that I could see the furthest end of the pasture....

Safe and sound...and maybe just a little hard of hearing...
I can't believe that they would ever ignore me!!

By the way, there were some subcontractors here to mark the area for new internet service (yay!)
 (as reported by our internet company)
and apparently they were worried about having to trench through the pasture because they
thought we had two vicious pigs.

Ginger and MaryAnn.... vicious?
They get very excited when they see company... but only because there
might be a potential bell rub involved!!

Two days ago I posted a piece about things that I learned from my garden.
There is one more thing.
"That which doesn't kill us only makes us stronger!"

Before we left for Iceland, I planted two of these small square boxes with
zinnia seedlings and sunflower seeds in the center.

We had a late frost two days later that turned the zinnia seedlings into a wilted mess.
Everything above the ground on these baby plants froze.
I decided to keep them in the ground, hoping that the roots were ok...
and look what has grown out of that frozen stem:

Very healthy, strong plants!


You might have noticed that right before this story there is a poll (at the top of the blog.)
Please pick the statement that best describes you and only vote once.
It is completely anonymous.
It will help me out a great deal in gathering some statistics for a big project that I am working on.
(It's a secret, but I promise you will like it!)
This poll will be visible for a week and then it will be gone.
Sorry for the request, but it would mean an awful lot to me if you could help me out!


  1. Moles, voles, chipmunks, squirrels . . .
    Some days I can find a positive thought . . .
    Not so much lately . . .
    How do you control "uninvited" visitors?

  2. The farm is home to all ....invited and uninvited. I have learned that there is no controlling Mother Nature, really. We can only change our feelings on the subject. We have many more wild animals around here as tame... after all it is we who are in their territory. I try to laugh at their antics and ignore the rest.

  3. or maybe they are suffering from selective hearing like teddy! some days i think she is deaf and then she hears the tiniest noise. your place looks wonderful!

  4. I read your blog via my feed reader, so whenever you post I receive it not long afterwards. :)

  5. Voted! We feel the same about the wild animals. We have grey squirrels that eat as much seeds as the birds....have to admit we do enjoy their antics.

  6. I love your blog! The first thing I do right after breakfast is to turn the computer on to see whats happening at the farm. I enjoying seeing all the animals and your precious grandchildren.
    I have always intended to leave a note to let you know that reading your blog gives me a smile to start my day. I am not a blogger. I found yours by looking at a few blogs a few years ago. Been here ever since!
    Chris L NB Canada

  7. I didn't comment yesterday on your husband's retirement letter, but it was really great. You two were MFEO - made for each other :)

    Knowing your love of donkeys, I thought you might be interested in this

  8. Thanks for pointing out your poll -- I would have missed it otherwise! Sounds like perhaps Ginger and Maryann are getting older and deafer? I can relate.

  9. Vicious pigs, HA, HA!! I voted, every single day I wake up to you and my coffee! I may have backed off on commenting but, I'm always here! SHHH, don't tell those contractors that Ritz will get them anywhere on the farm! Enjoy your day!

  10. Not a vicious bone in their body's. Mollie always comes running when she hears you calling the pigs. Give those contractors a bag of Ritz and they will have it made. Not that they need them. Nothing to worry about there! Wild or tame... everyone is welcome.

  11. Oh those sweet pigs could never be vicious. They are so cute. Glad you shared. As for your zinnias - hooray just goes to show if one's roots are deep enough when bad times hit faith can make them grow strong. Take care - enjoyed my visit to your lovely part of the world. Hugs!

  12. I read your blog every day also. (I voted.) Maybe it's because I know both you and Hubbs (He fixed a fractured femur for me once.) personally. And Maybe because I love your families of animals and humans so much! Love the grandkiddos and youngsters who visit and how much they enjoy being with you at the farm. Maybe because I love log homes and would like to see your finished "cabin." AND I would love to meet your vicious pigs!

  13. I read your blog DAILY. I voted. It is the first thing I do, and it always helps encourage me to squeeze more into my day. Thanks for taking so much time to write and share!

  14. An American in TokyoJune 15, 2017 at 9:41 PM

    I TRY to read your blog everyday, but sometimes work or something gets in the way. Thank you for sharing your wonderful life with us! It is much appreciated and a good dose of sunshine for me!

  15. I voted! I'm one who enjoys your blog daily for the sheer beauty of your lovely farm and critters. Also, get a huge kick out of your adorable grandkids. I live in typical suburbia and enjoy seeing the beauty and serenity of your farm. Thank you!


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