Monday, June 19, 2017

Happy Birthday, Tyler

The thing that I am most thankful for is my family.
I have a husband who is always making sure that everyone is having fun.
(And we have kids who love to have fun...and seem to enjoy having fun with us.)
Hubbs does special things like building this batting cage in our indoor riding arena.

You might wonder how we deal with a batting cage in the middle of a riding arena!
He hung it on a system of pulleys so that we can raise and lower it. 
During the winter time when the arena is used for horses, it is raised up to the ceiling out of the way.

In the summer, however, the arena becomes home to all sorts of fun!

I can scarcely believe it, but Tyler turned seven this weekend!
He had his birthday at the farm.
His day was filled with lots of activity.
His "Muppy" (his name for Hubbs) gave him a little batting practice...

and a new baseball glove.

He swam in the pool...

and played with his cousin.

Tyler is the most kind-hearted boy that I have ever met,
and he is so good to his cousin (who adores him.)

Mackenzie had a little extra farm time this weekend as well,
and filled her time with trips to the garden.

She knows exactly where the strawberries are planted 

and knows to only pick and eat the ripe ones.

I see riding lessons in this little one's future...

She is obsessed with the horses... 

and asked to hug Ollie...

She tried her hand at re-arranging the fairy garden as well...

As for the farm...

we found our first duck egg this weekend from our Indian Runner ducks.

I am happy to report that they are finally calming down a bit.
Another week in the barn stall and then we will release them to run free.
We are hoping that this prolonged time in the barn will help them to remember to 
come back to the barn to roost at night...keeping them safer!

And with all of the activity at the house this weekend,
Tom and Fred decided they needed to visit as well.


  1. Sounds like you really did have a fun packed weekend (I bet you're shattered!!). But in a nice way!! I love those Indian runner Ducks - hope that they settle down and don't run away from home. Surely they must realise they are on to a good thing. Keep us posted on their progress.

  2. SEVEN!?!? How did that time go so fast??
    Sounds like the perfect birthday weekend to me.
    McKenzie has the farm thing all figured out.

  3. no kidding!!! 7 already? how did that happen? you are raising a little farm hand!


  4. Time flies! Your grands are beautiful, enjoy -

  5. A happy place for all, in all seasons . . .


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