Thursday, June 22, 2017

Around the Barn...

We awoke to a 58 degree, blue-skied day yesterday...
a perfect start to the longest day of the year!

Morning chores were started at 5:30...
finished by seven.
I spent some time in the garden weeding and found this...

Yes, ole Mrs. Hoppity has made her nest right in the middle of the potatoes.

I actually knew there was a nest here
because Sammy was walking around the day before with a baby bunny in his mouth.
He spit it out when I yelled at him and the bunny hopped into the barn.
Hubbs rescued the bunny from the barn and placed it back in my garden box.

So, how do you like that?
Seems a little strange that we would be placing rabbit babies back into the garden...
but what else could we do?
They are, after all, just babies!
And, as I said before... I planted enough for an why not share with
some cute fuzzy bunnies!
I know... it might make no sense... but it does to me.

There are tons of babies around these days.
Mr. and Mrs. Barn Swallow come back to nest in this nest every summer.
They have at least two batches of chicklets.
This batch is ready to leave the nest, now.

I interrupted flight school later in the morning

 and was
reprimanded severely by both parents.

Tuesday was freedom day for the daffy duckles that live in the barn.
We opened their stall door and gave them the run of the place....

They still haven't ventured out.

And yes....they are constantly running!.... that is why they are a blur in this picture.
at some point they will get up the courage to explore their world.


  1. when i go into my lower gardens, i get screamed at by the birds for coming into THEIR territory. i remind them of who pays the taxes.

  2. I love our barn swallows but we had one nest that a snake or something ate the babies when they we real sad.

  3. I would love to find a bunny in our garden.
    Our 8 yr old granddaughter has been visiting for a few days and her highlight of the morning is binge reading BHA posts....she's loving it!.... and I'm loving her taking an interest 😍 thanks to you!

  4. Sammy was walking around the day before with a baby bunny in his mouth.
    He spit it out when I yelled at him...

    I love Sammy!

    Thanks so much for taking the time to write these life stories for us.

  5. Barn swallows make the most amazing nests!

  6. I love swallows..they used to criss cross in front of me when I was mowing catching bugs that got kicked up..Wasn't sure what that status of the bunny was from your picture..Hope it'e OK..We are inundated with bunnies right now..I guess they have recently left their nests. Have a happy day..

  7. I always plant more than enough so that I don't have to be mad at the bunnies. But the woodchucks are HOGS and I've had to fence in my garden because of their endless appetites! We also have a pair of swallows who gave everyone (including the cats) absolute misery and dive-bombing until the babies hatched! I love to watch them soar. We have a big bat house and the residents come out each night around 7:50 - now THAT is a sight! Thank you for all of the farm fun. I am a daily fan.
    P.S. I am getting ready to make a Tina Givens piece - any suggestions or things that I need to be aware of?

  8. Ahhhh, sweet piggies! Garden was growing good but grandkids left the gate open and the girls(hens) helped themselves. Think I save a little!! May have to come raid your garden this year!

  9. Every year Starlings make their nest right outside my "she-shed" and I am fine with that because they are not aggressive and I come and go. This year they hatched two beautiful babies and they successfully went their way both parents and I thought. Second round of hatchlings were off to a great start and then on June 11th all hell broke loose with our 109 degree weather and the babies jumped out of their nests and all three died. It sickens me. Because I love all nature. I hope there will not be a third round because it is still 110 degrees and my heart cannot take more dead baby birds.


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