Friday, June 23, 2017

A Day With The Murphys

Somedays you wake up and you can feel something different in the air.
It's nothing to do with the weather.
It's more like a feeling that things are a little off balance...
out of kilter.

Yesterday was one of those days.
With a long to-do list, we set out early to get started.
As Murphy's Law states...."what can go wrong, will go wrong."
I don't usually believe this... 
however on a day that feels a little out of whack,
it was most certainly true!
Our woes included a flat gator tire (later fixed),
a missing wheel from our large tractor's mower deck (new part ordered),
amongst several other moments of utter frustration.

By noon, it had become the kind of day that makes one want to go back to bed.
But... this is life on a farm, in the country.
Projects are often re-thought as roadblocks are thrown in the way.

And for all the little imperfections that life throws at you on a daily basis,
you have to look for all the amazing perfection that exists 
just a little bit beyond your own personal space.

We looked.
And we found it... all around us.
We consciously let go of the morning's vertigo and re-set our world.
A walk through the fields of our farm in search of wild raspberries

soon smoothed over all of the rough spots of the day,
and brought us back to what is important...

this little part of our world that we call home...

our valley...

this life that we have found here in our own little heaven...
beneath cornflower-blue skies...

where day lilies grow in abundance...
in just about any space that is not growing something else.

We walked, and picked berries, and talked of how fortunate we are 
to live this life.
And all of the inconveniences of the morning faded away.
And suddenly all was right with the world...
it was tilted back on its axis once again.

Last night, when a monsoon came and dropped a half inch of rain in 5 minutes...
windows were open, and gutters overflowed...
(luckily, now, I don't have to water the garden today!)
and the cake that I was making for today's guests fell apart...

I felt that old earth shift right back off her axis, again.
I did the only thing I hadn't tried...
I went back to bed.

Luckily, today's another day!
Make it a great one!!

If you have this honeycomb pan...
unless you make 2 cakes with it!!  It is way too much batter for the pan.


  1. There certainly are days like that, occasionally, when nothing seems to go right. It is just the ups and downs of life and as you say, you can always go back to bed and start afresh the next day. I love the way that you and your husband really appreciate your home and surroundings and are generous enough to share with your friends and family (and blog followers). Have a lovely weekend there, in your piece of "heaven".

  2. The good news is that even bad days come to an end!:-) The trick is to just keep plowing through! I always tell my kids if you are going thru hell, keep going - don't stop - and eventually you will come out on the other side. Best wishes for an awesome weekend!

  3. If we look, there is always something to be grateful for and your wonderful blog and pictures show that daily. Thank you for sharing your daily ups and downs and your delightful farm friends and family. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. I guess we all have days like that..Makes us appreciate the others...I don't think you had to go very far for raspberries. I'm sure that your cake tasted good anyway!!Pretty scenic pictures..Enjoy your weekend.

  5. Missy, the cake was delicious!!! Laurie and I had a wonderful day visiting Bee Haven Acres, Bev and Hubbs, and all the lovely and loving animals.


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