Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Things Can Really Change in a Week!

Spring has burst forth in all her glory!
It happened while we were away.

The funny thing is... before we left temperatures were in the 50's.
In Iceland temperatures were in the 50's... while here at home everyone was
enduring a short heat wave.
Now that we are home the temperatures are cooler again.
It seems we chased away the sun by coming home.

That week of heat and sunshine gave the gardens the boost that they needed.
The vegetables have grown like crazy.

As have the weeds and baby grass between the garden boxes.

The multicolored Echinacea plants that I planted in this box last summer
have all come back up again... bigger and better than before.
That's the thing that I love about perennials.

They multiply every year... making them worth every cent of their cost!

We are once again eating out of the garden.
Suppers include asparagus, kale, spinach, broccoli, and radishes... all freshly picked.

It's so good to be back amongst my friends again.

Though I have to admit that Hubbs has been doing the lion's share of the chores
as my toe (surgery) has not yet healed.  It's being quite stubborn.
So, while he picks up manure and shuffles animals in and out of pastures,
I work in the garden and visit with my furry friends.

Yesterday was the new chicks' (now awkward teenagers) first adventure into their yard.

With a gentle nudge from Hubbs' caring hands...

they stepped out into a whole new world....a scary one at first!

This one sought refuge on my arm.

"There you go.... you'll be just fine!"

What we noticed once they were all outside is that we seem to have a bantam hen in the mix.
She'll be fun to watch as she grows into a miniature version of her sisters.

I'm calling her Meg... as she's just a "Little Woman".


Louise Stopford said...

Your garden is looking wonderful (yet again). Those chicklets are absolutely adorable - they grow so very quickly and what a lovely experience to watch them grow up into fine young girls.

Karen Ann said...

This spring seems to be particularly vibrant green in CT, are you finding the same in PA? My new girls were just released into the big girls coop and yard, all getting along fine. I waited until they were almost the same size.

How many chickens do you keep now, I believe quite a few, no?

Beverly Frankeny said...

Yes, Pennsylvania is experiencing a most verdant spring as well. My chicken numbers have decreased over the past two years.... we are down to about 50 now.....a much more manageable flock. However the bulk of the girls have decided that they are retired. They are definitely enjoying their entitlements!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

hahaha..meg! too cute! your place is looking awesome!

Lynne said...

Luscious green and plenty of eats to come home to!
And it sounds like some weeding too.
Enjoy . . . 😏

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I like the shot of your husband's arms protruding from the hen house!

Cindy said...

Your garden is looking great! Can you tell me what that pink flower is? It's so pretty!

Beverly Frankeny said...

Cindy....I have no idea. I checked, but I got rid of the tag...and when i went back to the greenhouse they were out of them...so I can't even check there. So sorry.

Anonymous said...

So glad you shared your trip. I will be going to Iceland in September. Your information is very welcome. I also love your blog about your farm adventures. I find this much more interesting than fashion info, or political news. I too love to garden - mostly perennials. We had an extremely large garden growing up (large family to feed.)We too had fruit trees (apple, peach, pear, cherry), blueberry bushes, nut trees, and a few farm animals. Sometimes on the way to get the school bus, we'd find the cows got out and were eating under the apple trees. Our neighbor had horses & chickens.
Mary M.


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