Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Shortest Distance

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.

Just ask Ethel!

She was hanging out in the donkey yard yesterday afternoon
when the sudden urge to lay hit her.

Rather than duck under the fence and run around the turkey house,
she, instead, decided to hop on top of the fence

and make a bee-line over the top of the turkey yard to the front door.

"No Ethel, don't jump...it's just not that bad!"

Domestic turkeys are not good fliers at all.
They flap their wings and hop at best.

Their wings are good for slowing down their descent as they jump from a high place.
Edith lept and clumsily floated down to the grass by her door.

She stopped for a little snack of fresh spring grass...

before settling down on her nest and getting on with the task at hand.

Voila! .... her daily offering!

Have I told you that turkey eggs are my favorite?
They are wonderfully yummy... like a large, rich chicken egg....
the perfect high energy breakfast for tackling a long chore list.

As for the donkeys...
I have had to stop putting their hay in the slow-feed bag
because chubby Daphne chases Chloe away!

At the time of this writing, they were no longer speaking to each other...
taking a little break from each other during nap time.

Oh, the trials and tribulations of Fat Camp!
(They had spent several hours out in the pasture earlier with their lovely pink grazing muzzles on.
They've learned how to nibble through the hole in the end of the muzzle...
although the grass is not very long at the present time.)


  1. You have the most interesting subjects to write about....never a dull moment!
    Is the Manure Manager panning out?? 😉

  2. We went to Tractor Supply yesterday for fly spray. All they had was Bantam's. Hopefully, they will get a new shipment of chicks soon. I think I need to go ahead and restock my egg layers. We have 2 old hens. 1 does not lay. The other is sporadic.

  3. Sometimes traveling the same path all the time can get very boring.Pretty egg..Poor Chloe, "where can one get a decent meal these days?"

  4. the donkeys are hysterical and they cannot help being irritated because they are HUNGRY!!!! You know how that goes.
    The turkey egg is so pretty - I had no idea.

  5. The turkey egg is beautiful! And I wondered if Turkey eggs could be consumed in the same ways as chicken eggs... how about duck eggs? I heard they are great in baking.. but eating?

  6. Your donkeys are looking slimmer. My friend has three donkeys, and she is constantly worried about their weight. She works very hard at analyzing hay samples for sugar content, stuffing hay into multiple haynets, etc. On the other hand, I have pregnant cattle and pregnant sheep on my farm, so I just feed them as much as they want of highly nutritious hay! Much easier! Good luck with their diet plan.

  7. Karen Ann....Duck eggs are delicious as well....higher in protein which makes baked goods get a good rise. I truly believe that all eggs taste pretty similar....but it's not as if i have tasted all eggs....just hens, ducks, turkeys, and guineas.

  8. A great big hello! I have been absent from the blogging for some time now. I did miss it. But I mostly missed those blogs I loved, such as yours. I see not too much has changed! A big happy birthday to you, is in order! You don't looks 60! No sireee! And happy retirement to Hubbs. He clearly adores you!
    I turned 57 last week, so I am nipping at your heels!!!
    It was a good visit!! I shall return soon.
    XO Kris


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