Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Spring Chores

It's 9 PM Tuesday evening and I've just gotten into the house.
The animals are all put to bed for the day...
the birdsongs have stopped...
the farm is silent in its repose.
It's been a long day... spent outdoors... helping the farrier, mowing, gardening, caring for the animals.
It's been the best kind of day.

I can't remember a more beautiful Spring than this year.
Everything is blossoming... every inch of the farm is oozing new life!
I found this single little soldier standing upright in the asparagus patch.

I swear it's the earliest emergence ever!
I have planted parsley amongst the asparagus this year,
as these plants make the best of friends.

Yesterday's work in the garden included the construction of this trellis.
This tunnel/trellis is made from 3 livestock panels.
 (you can find them at your local farm supply store)

In the box on the right I will plant tomatoes so that they can climb up the trellis.
In front of them... basil for companionship...
and what a yummy combination.

In the box on the left I will plant pole beans and red Chinese noodle beans.
These will also climb the trellis to the top.
By late summer we should have a lush tunnel with lots of shade for the dogs to sleep
while I work.

Out in the yard beyond the garden the guineas were in formation.

They line up and sweep across the yard, eating bugs and ticks as they go.
I am hoping to add more guineas to our flock this year.

The rest of the animals spent their day grazing...

 a typical Spring day for all!

I have lived my life both in town and in the country.
I appreciate spring here in the country so much more than I ever had in the past.
Previously, Spring signaled the beginning of warm weather.
In the country, where winter surrounds us with nothing but grey and browns...
Spring is like changing the world from black and white to color!...
much more noticeable without all of the man-made structures in town.


  1. We are having a very early spring in KS too!

  2. Sounds like things are in full swing.
    Hope to hear much more about your companion gardening. We ordered carrots love tomatoes and finding a lot of gardening tidbits in it. Hope to practice companion planting this year. Doesn't the child's garden look like something fun to do for the grandchildren!?!?


  3. Bev, like you, I grew up in the city (suburb of the big Apple) and moved to the country when I was old enough to venture out on my own. I am grateful every single day to have that opportunity. Like you, I am in awe of the countryside, the land and what it teaches and shows you, the animals I call my other family.

    Chinese noodle beans, I will have to google that!...

  4. Sounds heavenly. So glad you are able to experience such bliss each day. Thanks for taking us along on the ride. Blessings...

  5. I love the tunnel idea. I think those beans are the same thing my momma use to plant.

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful day.

  6. Love the guineas in formation! I'm a country girl too - what could be better?
    Thanks for your lovely pics and words,
    PS - Red Chinese noodle beans? Can't wait to see them!

  7. That veggie trellis will be so beautiful covered with plants and produce!

  8. i've noticed that this is an exceptional spring too. i think things are up earlier and healthier due to having hardly any winter. do you have tons of blueberries? my bushes are as loaded as i have ever seen them. i can't wait to see that trellis filled in.

  9. You can really see Spring in your photo's today, especially the one with the guineas, the blue sky and green grass. The tunnel trellis is such a good idea - it's all going to look fabulous.

  10. Your trellis looks great.Can't wait to see it all greened up..Spring is blossoming forth altho the order of thing is unusual this year...Enjoy your day..

  11. Hello dear Beverly,
    How I love your farm. Sure can tell it is spring.. Love the photos.
    I grew up in the city but I must admit, I am a farm girl at heart.
    Love the photos!


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