Thursday, April 13, 2017


We are in the midst of a string of incredibly beautiful Spring days...
and my heart is singing!

There is nothing more wonderful than to lie in the middle of the pasture...
with lush green grass all around.

The sights, the smells, the sounds...
almost indescribable.

I hear birdsongs that have been absent for so many months.

The sun is warm, the breeze is gentle.

I cannot imagine that heaven could be any better than this...
right here, right now.

My heart is nearly overflowing with gratitude....
for this moment, this life, these gentle souls that surround me.

I took some time to just take it all in...
watching chickens and goats go about their day.

I wasn't the only one enjoying the moment.
That's the thing about dogs...

they appreciate the small things... soft grass, warm sun, a moment of peace on a sunny Spring day.
We should all be more like dogs.


  1. Beautiful photo's - I love the goat and chicken. We should all appreciate these moments. Enjoy your glorious weather and have a lovely Easter weekend.
    Kind regards.

  2. we still have patches of snow, where it was plowed. Can see a hint of green peeping through the brown. This is the point you were at a few weeks as I bask in all your lush green I remind myself that's where we will be in a few short weeks! I feel very fortunate to enjoy yours and then ours. Xo

  3. Wonderful to feel grateful . . . isn't it!
    I enjoy seeing your "slice of heaven on earth, "

  4. A beautiful day. Those are some big goats. Do you also shear them for their wool?

    Or are they just your pets?

  5. I couldn't agree more, dogs know what matters. Thanks for sharing your slice of heaven.

  6. You've got your own little patch of heaven right there!

  7. I used to envy people who lived in areas where it rained a lot. And I often prayed for rain. But guess what? I am sick of it. I want to roll around on my green grass too. But first the rain must stop in Northern California. We Californians are very fickle when it comes to our weather.

  8. i am so sad that teddy just turned 12 and i see the changes happening. however, she has been energized by Spring so much this year. yes, we are getting up at 3:00 am each morning because she just HAS to be up before everything else wakes up. but she bounds down the steps and flies out the door so she can hear and observe her world waking up around her. it's wonderful.

  9. It's a glorious time of year for sure...I got some dirt under my nails today..


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