Wednesday, March 15, 2017


As predicted, the storm hit us.
It snowed and snowed and snowed.
By mid-afternoon yesterday we had 16 inches.

I will spare you the details of just how much snow removal there was to do.
Luckily our long driveway was eventually plowed by a neighbor.

The farm lanes to the barn and animals are passable, but still a little treacherous.
Getting stuck in the snow remains a potential.

When we were not out with the animals,
we spent our day relaxing by the fire.

Snowstorms are the best time to watch the birds.

There were literally hundreds visiting the feeders.

A small flock of fox sparrows sat in a nearby tree.

This was a first for us...we had never seen them here before.
There was another variety of sparrow in the center of this picture....
the one with the yellow spot next to his eye...

a white throated sparrow....also new for us.

The animals all weathered the snowstorm without incident.

The chickens, guineas and turkeys all stayed indoors for the day.
As did the goats.

And the donkeys.

The dogs spent their day doing this...

and this...

All in all it was a wonderful snowy day at home.
I'm sure this snow is going to be around for a while.

We have a new barn resident.
This kitty...

has been occupying the cat bed on top of the barn refrigerator for a couple of days.
It's a cat that we have seen around the barn for about a year now.
Up until now it has been extremely wary of us.
I guess he's figured out that we are much less scary than a big snowstorm!


GeorgiaHoneyBee said...

WOW!! 16 inches! Looks so beautiful. Stay warm and be safe!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you can get a little more knitting done while waiting to get back to the garden....that's not a bad thing. That kitty knew where to go for a safe haven.

janie said...

Lol, that kitty knows where to be.

Stay warm and think of Spring!! Janie

Debra She Who Seeks said...

16 inches! Holy moly!

Junebug said...

Yikes, 16"! I think the fire is where I would be. You have smart critters, they know when to stay in and stay warm! Bundle up where you are out and about and then there is those crazy dogs?? Hurry up Spring!

Cassie said...

The white throated sparrows are so amazing, their song sounds like the Canadian National Anthem.

Windy Meadows Farm said...

We enjoyed a snowfall as well and the kids were treated to a day home from school! Ahhh...a good day for all. Thanks for braving the cold to snap photos to share!

Missy George said...

We finally have it can leave ;).I have a Red Bellied Woodpecker visitor too but have not been able to capture him..Never saw a Fox Sparrow..We have lots of White throated ones..Great pictures.. Your new Kitty looks like Leo..Maybe a relative?? It has landed in a very happy spot..

Norma said...

Your "new" kitty reminds me of a cat that adopted our place when I was growing up. He was black & white as well. We named him Squatter--because he claimed squatter rights!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

one can only dream! that is one smart kitty!

The JR said...

I'd be in the house like those donkeys and goats. I hate snow.

That kitty knows a good home when it sees one.

Take care,

Carine said...

let's welcome this thick cover of snow! I read somewhere it is good for grass. a snowy landscape is so peaceful, don't you think? oh this sweet cat, so good to know he found a comfy place and a good home

An American in Tokyo said...

Wow, now THAT is a snowstorm!!
We had a little sprinkle over here, but it melted right away.

I hope you (and the new kitty) are staying warm!! =)

Lynne said...

No doubt about it . . .
You Got Snow!
Very pretty!

Donna said...

Lovely photos, as always. Glad the dogs enjoyed playing in the snow!


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