Monday, February 6, 2017

With Two Turkeys As My Shadow...

The snow melted.
The warm temperatures returned...
making this weekend perfect for doing a little winter clean up.
Hubbs had to work yesterday morning,
so I spent the time chopping down brush that had accumulated on the pasture fence,
fixing fence boards that had popped over the winter,
trimming bushes, 
raking up leaves and branches,
and trimming dead tree branches around the property.

And for some strange reason,
these two mis-matched turkey boys felt they needed to supervise my every move.

Which is, now that I think about it, not a bad idea since I was alone on the farm
using a chain saw.

As interested as they were in me, however,
I don't think they would have been of any value in case of emergency.

Everywhere I went, these two ran behind the gator...
even up the driveway...

to the house.

And while Fred and Tom were busy chasing me around,
Ethel was home on her nest.

I am amazed at how well these three have blended themselves right into a family.
And unlike Tom and Chuck (when Chuck was alive),
Tom and Fred do not fight....
at least not thus far.
They seem to have a well established pecking order...
and Ethel is definitely at the top (as it should be!).

Saturday I took a quick drive to my friend, Joyce's, farm.
I went under the guise of taking them some fresh eggs,
but secretly yearned to see their new lambs.

They have had 11 lambs so far this season, with more on the way.

Oh, how I miss having babies on the farm.

Those days were the sweetest.

Lambs are so sedate compared to kids...
but every bit as adorable!

Here is the proud papa, Bucky...

he sired all 11 lambs! (busy guy!)
I just love his little lips...quite kissable, wouldn't you say?

I also had a little time to begin a new knitting project this weekend...

Georgia Honey Bee...please email me your address
so that I can send out your wool project bag filled with Spring goodness!

(Name picked randomly with an online number generator.)


  1. Oh!! Thank you so much! I'm super excited!
    And... the thought of you adding new, sweet lambs to the farm is exciting too!
    Have a great day! You really made mine!

  2. Congrats, Georgia Honey Bee!! That is super super exciting!
    It's always nice having friends along when you are working on the farm.
    The cowl is going to be just beautiful.

  3. Those lambs are so sweet looking.
    Glad your two turkey boys are getting along.
    Sounds like a wonderfully productive weekend!
    Enjoy your week!

  4. Beautiful pics. I bet you felt accomplished once you had your jobs done :)

  5. Sounds like a great day! Love your extra help and cute pics. Way,way to wet here snow & rain. So I left for a few days in CO. Sunny,cool but dry!

  6. what a beautiful cowl! i am surprised you didn't come home with a lamb!

  7. Would love this type of day. Hard work but relaxing, and rejuvenating.


  8. Getting a head start on Spring cleanup..good idea..Seems to be going on around here as well..Glad the turkeys are in a good place..Is Ethel sitting on eggs?? Are you going to have little Turks?? How about a little Lamb or two?? They are so cute but then, aren't all the babies?? Love the Cowl..Perfect for the cold..pretty colors. Congratulations Georgia Honey Bee!!
    Have a good week..

  9. Bev? Do the turkeys allow you to pet them? Just wondering?

  10. An American in TokyoFebruary 6, 2017 at 7:18 PM

    Oooooo, the baby lambs are very cute indeed!!!

    I love that the turkey guys followed you around as well!! Ha ha!!
    I guess they know you are their leader. ;)


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