Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Will You?

"Will you, oh, will you....
pleathe be our Valentine?"
(said with a mouth full of hay!)

We've got so much love to share...

and we'd love to share it with YOU! 
Just so you know...
all love comes with a healthy dose of mud!

Happy Valentine's Day from all of us romantics here on the farm.

Yesterday I ran to our little local meat stand to pick up something
that I did not already have in the freezer.
(You might remember the last time I went...
I captured those photos of the Short Eared Owl that I saw along the way.)
This time, in that very same field, I spied something on the ground...
way in the distance...

Luckily I had my zoom lens on my camera...

What a handsome guy.

We often see bald eagles along our river...
but only occasionally will we see one hunting in the fields.

Yesterday while collecting eggs,
I noticed a small white one amongst the usual brown and occasional green.

White ones are quite rare, as I have only one chicken who lays white eggs.
Minnie Pearl is a black and gold Polish crested chicken who is 8 years old.

On rare days she pops out a little white egg for me.
Thanks, Minnie!!  You go girl!

And finally, I finished my last cowl (for now)...and it's my favorite yet.
I added a thin strand of angora to the white that I used for the sheep.
Fuzzy sheep!!  Just like mine!

I promise not to bore you with any more of these cowls....
now, on to the next project!


  1. How marvelous to spot that eagle! What a treat!

    You couldn't bore me if you tried. Those cowls are brilliant!

    Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours!

  2. Happy Valentine's day you you all! I was surprised to see the close up and it was a bald eagle....that's exciting. Love the fuzzy sheep in the cowl!!

  3. Happy Valentine's Day to you guys too! Love your cowls! So impressed that you can knit such beautiful items!

  4. Love that cowl :o ! So Sweet and cozy!
    Bald eagle is handsome indeed, regal eagle.
    Happy Valentines Day to you and all your cuties!!! Love th pics!

  5. Wow, great luck in getting to capture the Eagle. Love the cowl. I am not bored. I finally got around to grouting a few of my mosaics this weekend. I only do it when I can use the water hose as I will not rinse up my work stuff in the house.

    Sure fire way to have to get a plumber to fix something. Also, we have a treatment plant and I don't put things down the drain that could cause it to fail.

    I don't know if I shared my mosaic blog with you. If you get bored and want to see some of them, they are on: http://brokenbitmosaics.blogspot.com/

  6. Happy Valentines Day to you and all the animals!

  7. valentine's fun on the farm. that is the best cowl!

  8. Bev, one thing I have to say is we are never bored with your blog! I read 10 blogs every morning and I save yours for last because it is my favorite.
    I love it when you dress up the donkeys. It reminds of the movie Nanny McPhee when they dress up the donkey to fool their aunt.

  9. Wow that shot of the eagle is wonderful! We can sometimes see them from afar on the Wabash River but never like that!
    Thanks for the info on the cowl. I love those sheep!

  10. Happy Valentines Day..Great Eagle shot!! Love the cowl..Fuzzy is great!! Good job..Enjoy your day..

  11. Neat to spot the eagle and being able to photograph it. Love the sheep on the cowls. Are you going to sell any of these? Didn't you make a stocking hat with sheep also? Sell any of those?

  12. Joyce... I may have some for sale at some point. Right now i am working on next Christmas's gifts. But in the future....who knows? I definitely need more hours in each day!!

  13. I love your last cowel - the colors are perfect and that little bit of angora really makes it special. I with I knew how to knit or crochet. I would buy this one from you in a heartbeat! ;) Thank you for sharing pictures of your fur babies. They all seem so sweet, but I have a special spot in my heart for your cute and funny donkeys. Ranee (MN)

  14. LOVE THE COWL . . .
    and the mud, piggies, all the rest . .
    Bald Eagle sightings, I would love . . .
    Happy ❤ . . .

  15. Love your valentiney animals Bev....always so fun to see.....the the bald eagle is a real beauty! Those cowls you're making are so beautiful and I especially love the touch of mohair you put on this one. Wow. You're an expert. Happy Valentines Day to you and yours. Love your polish chicken too....she's so pretty.


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