Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Someone's In The Doghouse

Outdoor garden chores came to a grinding halt yesterday

as rain kept most of us indoors for most of the day.

Staying indoors gave me a chance to finish the cowl I've been knitting
and starting one in different colors.

By afternoon chore time, the rain had stopped and
Sam and I went out to tend to the animals.

Annie would have come with us if it weren't for the fact that she was under temporary house arrest.
Yes, this little girl went AWOL during morning chores and did not return home
until 6 ½ hours later...
soaking wet and with a look of contrition on her face.

I had hoped that maturity had cured her penchant for wanderlust.
She had not had an adventure like this since July 3rd.
Apparently I was wrong... Spring fever caught ahold of her.
Needless to say, the "good girl" collar will be her accessory of choice for the next few days.

You may wonder why Oakley did not accompany us.
It seems our old man only has the energy for one outing each day.
He comes out for morning chores and then spends the rest of the day camped out in the house.
He used to have unlimited energy...
but age has a way of slowing us down doesn't it?

We actually have no idea how old Oakley is, as we rescued him as an adult...
from unknown origins. (It was the best thing we ever did!)
We rescued him from a Kentucky shelter where he was 
scheduled to be put down 2 days after we found him.
Lucky for him, instead, he was loaded on a transport vehicle and brought to Pennsylvania.
The rest is history.
The point is...we have no idea what his story is.
The best part of his life began the day we found him!

Oakley, six years ago.
The wonderful thing about February is that it doesn't really matter what the weather is...
there is still plenty of time left for outdoor work.
A rainy day is a gift... a perfect excuse to stay indoors and play!

I am having a camera crisis right now.
For some odd reason, my go-to daily camera will not take a charge any more.

I have ordered a new battery...hoping that this will fix the situation.
I am so so dependent upon a camera!


  1. Your pooches has certainly enriched your lives. Oakley is one lucky pup. So glad you came upon him when you did!

    I take pictures nearly every day too, and it is so hard to be without a camera, I agree!
    Enjoy your rainy inside days!

  2. It's lovely when people rescue and give forever homes to animals (it not only enriches the life of the animal but also us humans). We have just brought home a stray cat from my husband's workplace. He had been feeding him for the past 3 years and my husband was the only person he would trust. It was a huge decision for us as we have 2 house cats and we didn't know if we would upset not only their lives, but his life (as he was used to the outdoors and fending for himself). The decider was when he was getting injured by feral cats and we took the chance and brought him home 5 weeks ago. He is so sweet and so gentle and our 2 and doing really well accepting him (I think because his nature is so gentle and he isn't a treat to them). Fingers crossed we can now have happy lives together.

  3. I hope that new battery does the trick!

  4. How do you knit so fast. Love this cowl, is it difficult changing yarn when knitting the sheep? Where do you purchase your yarns and patterns. Have a blessed day!

  5. Your cowl is adorable..Those needles must have been flying ;) Bad Annie..glad she finds her way home.Poor Oakie..I can sympathize with her..I pretty much use up my energy in the mornings as well..I hope a new battery solves the problem..We have to have our cameras nearby..The are sorta like an added appendage.
    Spring is back for one day..Snow tonight..Crazy!! I guess we just have to take it as it comes..Enjoy!

  6. Hope Annie learns her lesson silly girl . Oakley is pacing himself these days like we all seem to be lol ! Hope you get your camera prob fixed I couldn't handle not having a decent working camera or any camera in hand to be honest lol ! Lovely post and photos , thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  7. Hi Bev,
    Annie does look a bit confused there.. I hope she stays put.
    Poor old Oakley.. He looks like such a love. Very blessed to have you all these years..
    You sure are talented, you know? How I wish I could knit like this..
    Hope the new battery fixes the camera problem..


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