Thursday, February 9, 2017

Puppy Tricks

We often run into Dr. Becky and her Aussie pup, Daisy,
when we are out working.
Daisy is just about the happiest puppy I have ever seen
and she has quite the repertoire of tricks.

It's so hard to concentrate, though, 

when all of your cousins are around wanting to play.

She did pretty well, in spite of the distractions.

"Look Ma, I can stick my tongue up my nose!"

Great trick!

And... the distractions are too much... she's off!
At this point she went running off to play with Sam and Annie.

Oakley:  "That puppy wears me out!"

The dogs and I were out yesterday afternoon enjoying the temperate weather...
visiting with all the animals.

It was in the 50's....muddy, but oh, so nice.

As I write this, however, the weatherman is predicting our first major snow of the season.
By 10 o'clock this morning we are to have 5 to 8 inches on the ground.
It had better get a lot colder for that to happen!
More on that.....later.

It is six o'clock AM and I am heading out for morning chores....
this is what greets me (and it's still snowing).


  1. Here in CT the snow hasn't begun yet.. I'm heading out to do chores before that 12-18 they are predicting. Yesterday I got the coop, hutch and barn clean and organized before the snow - anticipating all the shoveling I'll be doing tonight. Bleh.

    Stay warm - K

  2. I hate snow.

    Daisy makes me smile. I think of my Country every time I see her. Country was very smart and had a lot of tricks too.

  3. I'm in Mass and it is snowing. Supposed to get 8-12, unless it changed overnight!!!

    Stay calm and think Spring!!! Lol, enjoy, Janie

  4. Daisy is adorable..We had about 4 inches of snow..if that...Wet and heavy..We got out this AM before the salt fairy came..The streets are plowed and wet..I'm sure they would dry if they just left them alone..But there will be that "just in case" salting nevertheless..Salting keeps the roads from drying..Mollie is OK with dry salt but it won't be dry for a day or so...Enjoy the snow..It's beautiful..

  5. Yay for the snow . . .
    Unusual snow season for us this year . . .
    Enjoy . . .
    Fun watching the doggies . . .
    Bet they will be giddy with the snow!

  6. Daisy just warms my heart, as does Oakley.
    Good grief, snowing there, 90 degrees here today. It has been raining and cold off and on for weeks, then today... 90! Go figure.


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