Friday, February 3, 2017

Coming And Going

This is how my world looked yesterday morning.

Don't be fool, though...
it's not the same snow that I had shown you earlier this week.
No, by Wednesday afternoon that snow had melted...
only to be replaced by this snow on Wednesday night.
And that snow was gone by Thursday noon.

Yesterday ended up being a good day for extras.
The chicken houses were cleaned...

and nesting boxes stripped with new bedding replaced...

much to the ladies' chagrin.

Yes, they squawked and squawked at me...
a hen's version of cussing I am sure!

I made time to finish this new hat for Mackenzie.

This one should fit for a couple years.
How is it that a child's head can grow so quickly?

In the afternoon I headed to a local town to pick up buckets of compost
from our favorite little café.
If you are local and you have never been to Espresso Yourself Café in the square
of Newport, must take the time to go.
Breakfast or Lunch... their menu items are wonderful... often organic,
always natural, local and delicious!

Every couple of weeks, we take out truck and pick up their kitchen scraps
to add to our compost pile.
It helps keeping food scraps out of the trash.
And it helps make our compost even better!

The thing about that trip to town was this:
the weather was amazing!

Going to....

Coming home...

Going to...

Coming home...

Going to...

Coming home...

The farm in the above pictures is a lovely wedding venue called "Sweet Water Farms".

On their property is a little cottage (it might be a spring house) that I just love.
In fact... I want to live in this little cottage!

Isn't it adorable?  They just renovated it... and I seriously want to pick it up and move it to our farm!

I must tell you...
I so enjoyed your "Spring" comments yesterday.
I could feel myself getting more and more excited for Spring as the day progressed.
In that vein, I thought I would resurrect some Spring and Summer photos
to help us all get in the mood.

It won't be long... don't listen to that silly ole groundhog!!


  1. It seems like Ginger and Maryann are still growing. Is that possible? How old are they now?

  2. Lovely photo's!! That cottage is so sweet - I would like to live there to. Thanks for the reminder of Spring & Summer - Can't wait!! Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. In our neck of the woods it would sound good if it was ONLY six more weeks. The hat, cottage, and spring it all. Have a great weekend!

  4. Wow! What a difference on the trip back! Beautiful territory, and that cottage? Gorgeous!
    Thank you for the spring preview! ;0D


  5. ooh, the cat with the pig!!... that should be framed.

  6. Even though I love winter, this one has been so very gray! My eyes are longing for a little color. Your photos were a treat!

  7. What a cute hat!!! The cat on the pig - definitely should be framed and hung prominently somewhere.

  8. Excellent photos, they made me smile! Not long now, the colours will be here soon and we need to grab it with both hands :)

  9. I came home from Portland last night, clear and beautiful! This morning about a 1/2 inch of ice on freeways from freezing rain. Nope, not going anywhere today! I so hope that groundhog was wrong. I'm so ready for Spring!! I loved your pictures to remind me it is close!

  10. the cottage is so sweet - I need to move in!

  11. i-heart-your-compost pile. can you just leave the veggie/fruit stuff on top and in the open like that, or am i not seeing something? if i did that (and didn't bury it or enclose it somehow), i'd have raccoons here, if not a whole disney movie, for a moonlight buffet every time. and it would never get a chance to decompose into garden gold. thanks for any tips. --suz in ohio

  12. I love the color in the spring photos. It's so grey and brown (mud) that I am longing for color and new growth!

  13. The bunny hat is adorable! Crazy before and after pics :O. Its indeed been a strange winter. Gorgeous spring photos. Is that cat a maine coon? He looks big!

  14. hI Suz in Ohio. No....the veggies and kitchen scraps got turned into the pile with the tractor. It's a hot, steamy pile of goodness that will be ready to spread on gardens and hayfields come spring.

  15. You have the best compost pile! The weather has had trouble making up it's mind this winter..very strange.
    The ground hog almost always has to see his shadow with all the flood lights shining on him.Love that little cottage..Have a fun weekend..

  16. Crazy weather! It's been cold here, then nice. No snow though.
    Would you please post again how you made your hanging solar lights a couple of years ago? I want to make some for my fence. Thanks!


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