Friday, January 13, 2017

Random Offerings

Ole Man Winter left us yesterday.
Yes, he took a day off.
And in his absence, the temperature shot up to 58 degrees.
Warm...and oh so muddy!

All of the snow and ice melted and became mud
(not sure which is better!)

Everyone stood around wondering how to take off their winter coats.

Guineas were confused.

"Is winter over?"

Roosters felt a little "randy!"

Roo sees hen in woods...

Roo "tackles" hen (as Tyler calls "it")...

Roo runs away with another hen...

"Ah, it's good to be King."

Trimming the tree....

We recycle EVERYTHING!!!

And then there was Oakley...

who when I asked to give me his best smile, produced this...

He hates having his picture taken... silly, sweet old man!
He is seriously The Best Dog in the history of the world...maybe even the universe!

Since the holidays, I have been going room by room and 
sprucing things up a bit.
Here is the guest room... ready for your visit!
(you can always enlarge photos by clicking on them)

In shades of grey and white...
Life is good!

"Follow your heart!"

A few of my favorite things...

My most favorite... a hand-carved, hand built from old cigar boxes, Victorian dollhouse...
built for my Mom by her uncle...
(sitting atop my grandmothers old treadle sewing machine)

An old metal milk crate used as storage for guest towels...

I found this old enamelware lampshade and attached it to a pendant light 

and hung it with an old pulley...

I love decorating with antiques.
These are things that were built to last...
and have definitely stood the test of time.

Happy Friday the 13th....may your day be filled with lots of good luck!!
Ohhhh, and this weekend is going to be very exciting.  
Mackenzie is coming to stay at the farm for the weekend!


  1. Love the way you decorate your home. The antiques are definitely the best. They not only look amazing but are full of character and could tell some wonderful stories, if they could speak. Have a lovely weekend.

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  3. Well for once I have to disagree with you....... WE have The Best Dog (black lab) in the history of the world...maybe the universe!💖 She hates to have her picture taken!!
    Love the grey and white room,looks so fresh and inviting.
    Sounds a fun weekend ahead for you...enjoy.

  4. All of our snow is melted too. It was fun while it lasted!
    Enjoy your weekend with the Wee One. It will be curious to see who has more fun, you or her!

  5. Enjoy your weekend!!

    LOve your antiques!!! Janie

  6. That is a STUNNING dollhouse -- what a treasure!

  7. Oakleys mug...Love It!
    Poor hens,lol.
    We had a spring day here yesterday as well and I was wondering how i could get rid of my winter coat too (gained some winter weight :/ ].
    Love the decor.Great job!
    Have fun this weekend :}

  8. Ohhhh and the doll house, I have no words.:O

  9. i love antiques too. that house is fabulous! have a great weekend! do you have special things planned?

  10. Aren't Roosters always "randy"? Poor Oakie..He just wants to be left in peace..So funny!! You'd think he was going to get shot..literally.Your guest room looks wonderful..SO many clever items..You make very good use of them..You've had some of those things for a long time...Have a fun weekend with Mack!! Does she like football?

  11. Lovely photos . I do like your home so cozy . The weather here has been much the same all though it was cold and all the muck is frozen again and we are snowless to, but today was sunny for a change so that was good . Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend .

  12. diane in northern wisJanuary 13, 2017 at 8:43 PM

    love the pictures today....all the animals and chickens and roo, love the guest room and just love the room with the doll house and window seat and old treadle sewing machine. You have such charming rooms in your house. You are so good at using antiques and making everything look so special. I'd love to visit your house. There seems to be a surprise in every corner. Just love it! Thanks Bev, for sharing the neat things in your life both inside your house and out. Have fun with the little one with weekend.

  13. Luv your mother's doll house made from cigar boxes...
    Oh how I wish Ol' Man Winter would leave here... we have been up to our eyeballs in mud and yuck from non-stop heavy rains... We did get a wee bit of a break between yesterday thru tomorrow,,, but the rains will be coming back with a vengeance. Oy!

    Enjoy and as I am sure... you are/have been purusing thru all the wonderful seed catalogs for your Spring garden!

  14. Fun winter warm 58 degrees post . . .
    Confusing isn't it . . .
    Nice touches in your home.
    The doll house, what a treasure, cigar bozes . . . really!
    It is gorgeous!


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