Monday, January 23, 2017

Mid-Winter Housecleaning

Yesterday was a work day...
hard, heavy work.
And it was the perfect day to do so...
cloudy, foggy, damp... not terribly cold and finally not raining.

Amanda was home for the weekend as her hubby was out of town...
my hubby was out of town as well.
And when the "cats" are away,
we country mice sure know how to play!

We seized the day by doing a major housecleaning of the sheep yard.

You see, our sweet, innocent sheep have this nasty habit of
pooping wherever they sleep.

And in the wintertime when the weather is harsh,
they sleep inside their houses.
So, by mid-winter the houses become quite smelly.

It took us a good two hours,
but we stripped out those houses and filled them with clean bedding.

We raked up the accumulated hay waste under the hay feeder...

and swept up all of the little piles of sheep-berries.

The sheep, of course, were curious...

As were the pigs...

Sammy took the opportunity to grab a nap...

outside the fence, away from sheep who might protest.

As for us country mice...
by the end of the day we could barely move!
This was quite a strenuous job...
removing four gator-loads of soggy wet hay (and poop) from the yard and houses.
But, like I said before...
we sure know how to have a fun day!


  1. Sounds like a fun way to spend a gloomy day..I can't remember when I last saw the sun..I think it was for a few minutes just before it set several days ago. This has been a very gloomy January.

  2. Gloomy indeed we did however see the sun for the first time in a week over the weekend but again back to gloominess and it is getting cold again to . Yes sheep can be messy and all though it is hard work and I did for years on the farm and to this day I don't mind cleaning or as we call it mucking out the houses or stalls ,it may take me longer now a days mind you lol ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day and well deserved rest FEW!!

  3. Ha ha! I know people without farm animals don't get it but I know just how much work that was. I have four little goats who have a nice platform to sleep on inside the barn. And where do they poop and pee? On the platform, of course. So I scrape it off every morning. And they scatter their hay from the feeder all over the barn's dirt floor. By spring, it is so heavy and wet from pee that it is a major job getting it all out so the dirt can dry out and the creepy crawlies don't multiply.

    It's hard work but I get a great sense of satisfaction from getting it done. :)

    Love your blog!!!

  4. Oh my yes, with the wet gloomy thaw both the ducks' night time pen and the goats' bed had become quite aromatic. The ducks bedding rolled up like a carpet and the goats had a layer of sludge to be scraped and it was an amazing way to clear your sinuses! Every article of clothing had to go in for an immediate wash too.

  5. OK,,, we need to have a lil talk about the Webster's version of the word, 'Fun"... lol!


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