Tuesday, January 31, 2017

It's In The Air...

In spite of the long awaited sunshine we were treated to yesterday,
an air of sadness permeated the farm.

Dr. Becky's oldest horse, Duffy, passed away yesterday.
You might remember that Dr. Becky is Hubbs' sister and has her house here on the farm as well.

Duffy had accompanied her when she moved from Reno to the farm in March of 2006.

Of all of our present animals, he was the only one who had been here from Day 1
of Bee Haven Acres.

Old Duffy on Right
Duffy was well into his 30's and was always the gentleman of the farm.
He had a long life with many hours of safely caring for his riders.

He was a special soul... gentle, caring, and always so very easy-going...
but with a great sense of humor!

He will be missed by all, but especially by his pasture mates...
Sid and Shirley.

Yesterday afternoon, as I was out bringing my herd in from the pasture,

I could hear Becky's two equines calling for Duffy.
Horses mourn when one of their family passes.
It's very sad to witness.

Sadness was not the only thing in the air yesterday.
No, there was also a good dose of skunk in the air...
thanks to Annie.

Yesterday morning, while still dark, I heard Annie barking in the front pasture
as I cleaned up manure.
Sure enough, she ran head on into a skunk.
You'd think by now she would learn.
But no....they never learn.


  1. So sad to hear of Duffy's passing. I can only imagine that he had had a wonderful life full of love and good caring - they all deserve that so much!

  2. So sorry to hear about Duffy. :-(

  3. this is so sad but duffy had a great life. he went from bee have heaven to just regular heaven.

  4. So sorry to hear about Duffy. A loss is always so hard.

  5. My heart breaks for Dr. Becky and all who loved Duffy. We lost one of our elderly mares this past summer. It leaves a big empty spot in our hearts and our barns! Hugs and sincere condolences for your loss of Duffy, your old man, and long time fur baby!

  6. Sorry to hear about Duffy. But he is in heaven and galloping across the clouds.

  7. I'm sure Old Duffy has gone to very special reward in Horse Heaven. Condolences!

  8. SO sorry about Duffy..They say things happen in threes...Jazz, Max, now Duff...Hope that's it for awhile...

  9. I'm so sorry to hear about Duffy. He was so lucky to live in such a loving home.

  10. Tearing up here, just thinking about those paddock mates losing their friend. Prayers to you all who will miss Duffy.

  11. A very hard day for you all. Sorry to read this. What a cracking age he was x

  12. Aww...sad to read about Duffy. Seeing your family and farm on here... there is no doubt he lived a good and happy life. I hope the skunk smell is nearly gone by now...so far we've been spared our dogs getting hit even though Shep doesn't hesitate to go after them. Enjoy your weekend!


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