Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Winter Solstice

Welcome Winter!
Do stay a while, but be a good guest!
Please don't make a mess.  I don't want to spend the next three months cleaning up after you.
And for goodness sake, don't wear out your welcome!

Last evening as the sun was setting,
I was outside cleaning everyone's water tubs and making sure
there was enough hay for a cold night.

Grace, Hope, and Faith were busy working away on their pile of hay.

You can always tell where someone has been eating....

Eternally wearing their food on their faces...

Sweet Faith, our little black sheep.

A couple of weeks ago I received a few questions about these girls.
Gracie (grey) is Mama to Hope (white) and Faith (black, but really brown on the outside).
All three are Southdown Baby Doll Sheep,
a miniature breed of sheep with the sweetest face.
They are great wool growers, but their wool is not garment quality.

This past spring after shearing, I sent their wool to a local mill
and had it spun into corespun... a very thick yarn that I am using to weave rugs.

So, although they may not make the nicest wool, these girls have the sweetest disposition
and are extremely easy to manage.
Their manners are impeccable!

I was so happy that I was outside at sunset yesterday
and able to witness the last Autumn sunset of 2016.

It was remarkable, and got better as the minutes passed.

By the time I arrived home from the barn it looked as though the woods were on fire.

Hello Winter.
Stay a while...but remember.... be a good guest!


  1. Beautiful sunset!
    Here's hoping that your winter is well-behaved!

  2. Here in Oklahoma the first sunrise of the winter was gold and pink, with silvery billows of soft puffy clouds. I didn't want to leave it so there is no picture! We've had record breaking cold temperatures here but it's moderated some, 3 degrees is a bit cold for me. Have a wonderful Christmas and stay warm.

  3. Those girls are beautiful. Love the rug you are making.

  4. Winter is very welcome in this house..hope it is not a slippery one..Beautiful sunsets this time
    of year..Have a lovely day..

  5. the rug is gorgeous! and the sunset..perfect!

  6. I (too) love your Baby Doll rug, and those fiery skies are breathtaking. Just wondering: I always look for your little sheepies' eyes but never see them (except when they were just shorn) - how do they see their world? On the other hand, how practical to have such woolly protection from getting hay in the eyes!
    I do hope Winter listens to your polite request, you sure deserve it!!

  7. So beautiful! Have a Merry Christmas!

  8. I just love Grace, Hope and Faith! Such sweet faces. Your sunsets are beautiful.
    Is there no end to your talents.. This rug is amazing!

  9. I don't know how they can even see with all that fleece!!
    Your weaving is so pretty. :) Stay warm.

  10. Rug, girls and sunset- all beautiful :}.


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