Thursday, December 1, 2016

This Is Fun

Do you know what the difference is between having a wonderful time and not?
A decision.

With every new adventure that life hands us we have a choice.
To make the best of it...and perhaps even enjoy it.

Or... not.

I have learned this lesson from my dogs.
My wise four legged friends surely know the key to happiness.

They greet each day with enthusiasm
and claim that each activity is their most favorite...
no matter what it is.

They jump into each adventure with gusto...
not worrying about what might happen.

They ooze unbridled enthusiasm with every fiber of their being....
whether they are playing, eating, accompanying me on chores...
or even just snoozing.

Whatever it is... it becomes their favorite thing to do!
And that, my friends is why dogs are always so happy.

They hold no grudges.  They carry no anger or spite or hatred.
They don't fret about the past or worry about the future.
They open themselves up to the possibility of each and every moment of life...
and they do it with love and gratitude.

Some people say they'd like to be the kind of person that their dog thinks they are.
Me?  I aspire to be like my dogs.
And in the end... that will make me a much better person!


  1. A great reminder for me at this time. Dogs are such wonderful teachers.

  2. Lovely post, as usual, and so true. We humans could learn a lot from animals in general. Kind regards.

  3. wow wow wow I love your words! so true! doing the same with my cats, they taught me unshakable patience and pure bliss

  4. Wonderful post. I never have a bad moment when I have a dog in my lap. Can I ask about the coloring on the horses? It looks like they are shaved...?

  5. Aren't they lucky ?? And yes, we could learn a lot from them..Wise words..

  6. Oh wow - this was a post that must have been just written for me to read. Thank you for this pearl of wisdom. Hope you have a great day.

  7. Amen to that! We can learn so much about animals...thanks for this lovely reminder.

  8. Great insights, we can learn much from our dogs.. including honesty and faithfulness; for who is more loyal and honest than a pooch?!


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