Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Quiet Days

We awoke yesterday to an ice-glazed world...
a wintry wonderland.
The snow from Sunday remained with a thin coat of ice over top.

There's not much grass left for grazing in the pasture now.
But each morning I still open the gates and let the horses out.
A change of scenery is good for them and the pasture keeps them occupied for hours.

Because there's not much nutrition to be found, I spread hay in their dry lots.
Naturally the horses and donkeys immediately swap dry lots
and eat each other's hay.

What is it about someone else's food that makes it taste better than your own?

Our days are pretty quiet this time of year.
The weather makes us all slower.
And it seems that everyone is content with their lives...
getting lots of rest now that days are so short!

As for the pigs... they spend most of their winter like two cheeseburgers beneath warming lights....

emerging from their house when they hear me outside.

Pigs are extremely personable and enjoy human company.

That's why I make it a point to spend a little time with them whenever I am outside.

Although they don't flop on their sides in the snowy mix on the ground,
they still appreciate a standing belly rub from time to time.

Always searching for food, they sniff each of the fallen chestnut hulls...
searching for nuts (they've already eaten every one that dropped!)
Pigs are always hungry... 
just ask them and they will tell you enthusiastically just how hungry they are!
The reason for this is the fact that pigs do not have the ability to feel satiated when they eat.

Since there is no grazing available, I give them a fresh flake of hay twice daily
and this seems to keep them satisfied through the winter months.

What they don't eat they use for bedding.

Although I can't say that I have a favorite amongst my animals....
these two girls are pretty near the top of the list!
They are the sweetest!


  1. I absolutely love Ginger and Maryann - what lovely girls they are.

  2. "Like two cheeseburgers"....made me laugh or loud!!

  3. They probably enjoy the rest and quiet on those cold days.

  4. the hay is always browner on the other side of the fence.

  5. Love all the animals...and perhaps it's true?
    The grass IS greener on the other side...Hahaa

  6. I guess switching pastures is like going out to eat!! It's always better if you don't have to cook it ;)..The pigs (cheeseburgers) have the right idea..snuggly and warm..Have a good day!

  7. Lovely! I can see why Ginger and MaryAnn are near the top of this list! :)


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