Thursday, December 8, 2016

Love Can Make You Crazy!

I am never at a loss for a smile when I am around the goats.
They are some of the most comical animals on the farm.

Yesterday while I was out collecting our (measly) eggs,
(the hens seem to be on strike right now!)
I couldn't help but laugh at what was going on in the goat yard.

It appears that Stella is in heat right now.
She was blubbering and blubbering at her aunt Ash.

Sadly there are no bucks around for these girls...
so they go through the rituals with each other every few months.

Such silly behavior....all in the name of love!

While we are on that subject...

One of the handsome white roosters has flown the coop.
Each morning all three of them leave their own house and run up to visit with
the hens (quite a distance away).

Two of the roosters come home later in the morning.

The third one spends his entire day in hen-land.

He's even stopped coming home to roost at night.
(All in the name of love, I suppose.)


Dawn McHugh said...

The goats are funny, I am hoping fingers crossed ours have been serviced by a loan billy we had :-)

Louise Stopford said...

Animals and their antics can be funny (although they don't think so as it is just nature). They never fail to lift your spirits.

Donna said... your blog! I'm new here. Will enjoy the animals!

Missy George said...

Lots of lovin' going on there at the farm. Funny post!

Carine said...

Did I hear a chicken answering STella?

Lynne said...

"All in the name of love" . . . smiles!


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