Friday, December 9, 2016

Like Lint On A Sweater

Brrrrrr....the temperature has plummeted!
Winter is here to stay.

Thankfully we are all prepared.
The farm is winterized and so are the animals!

If there is one animal on the farm who truly looks forward to the cold winter winds...
it is the sheep!

Their fleeces are easily an inch thick by now...
providing them enough insulation for any possible temperature.
The colder it is, the happier they are.

They just eat and eat and sleep and sleep and poop and poop!
Shuffle, repeat.  Shuffle, repeat.

When I look at sweet Faith (who, by the way, is actually a black sheep...
who used a little too much "Sun In" this past summer)...
I am reminded of the times that I have put a favorite sweater into the wash
with something fleecy....
only to remove it covered with lint balls.

That's pretty much how life is for Faith.
She is just one big brown ball of velcro...
to which everything sticks.

Trying to keep her clean is futile.
She'll have one clean week in May (after she is sheared!)

I love my sheep.
They are truly the most peaceful animals.
So very gentle... so very kind.
So very warm!

Speaking of kind....

Ginger and MaryAnn say "Hi"!....
They are spending the winter basking under their heat lamp...
emerging for short periods of nosiness.


  1. Lovely post! Those sheep faces are really something else - absolutely gorgeous (I could just kiss and kiss them). Love Ginger and Mary Ann to .. always like to hear about those two sweeties!! Have a lovely weekend - keep warm (all of you). Regards.

  2. I would like to sink my fingers into their wooly sweaters....while watching Ginger and Maryann eat carrots!!

  3. That's the best-looking winter jacket I ever saw! I'll bet their fleece makes for some mighty fine sweaters. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Seeing the sheep . . I felt warmer immediately . . .
    Wintery snowy time here in Michigan. . . .
    Brrrrr . . .

  5. Poor Faith..She reminds me of the character in Peanuts who always had a cloud of dust around him..It would be nice to have that fleece for the winter..We're going to need it soon..Enjoy your weekend.

  6. I always love to see what the fur babies are up to! Merry Christmas!


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