Thursday, December 29, 2016


There's nothing better than a mid-afternoon nap.

Eyes closed, sleeping standing up...

or lying down...

peacefully dreaming...

until the neighbor decides to cause a ruckus.

And suddenly your peaceful slumber is over.

Horses can sleep standing up, however this sleep is not REM sleep,
but is rather SWS (short wave sleep).
In order to achieve REM sleep, horses must lie stretched out on their sides.

Did you know that just like humans and dogs...

horses dream?
They also can have leg movements during dreaming as if they are running...
much like dogs do.

What do you suppose horses dream about?

I know what pigs dream about.



  1. I think your horses dream about chasing Annie around the paddock and out in the fields.

  2. I don't often catch my horses lying down, only occasionally when the sun is shining bright out in the pasture. When in stall the only evidence I see of it in the morning is shavings in their mane, etc.

  3. I'm just lovin' the pigbabies...Hahaa

  4. Those ponies are so cute. Makes me want a herd of them.
    Love those piggies too!

  5. I guess we'll never know..may be better left to ones imagination.Sammy is the best sleeper ;)

  6. One of our horses talks in her sleep!

  7. Not sure what they could be dreaming about,
    unless it would be carrotts and Ritz crackers!
    Happy New Year Dreams Bev . . .

  8. Hi Beverly,
    I'm writing a post about how we're choosing animals for our farm... and there's a bit about Kune Kune's (we're not getting any for now, as there aren't any here in Spain). Would it be ok if I used your picture, with your name & a link to your blog of course?


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