Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Dear Santa...Please Bring Treats!

It's that time of year again...
filled with sweets and treats for everyone.
The farm animals are no exception.
Everyone gets a little extra in the treat department these days.

We've bought Ritz by the case, and will keep peppermints on hand for the equines.

Our horses and donkeys have the sweetest breath at this time of year!

And watch your fingers if you go in to visit with the donkeys.

These two get a little nibbly after consuming a few peppermint treats...

always convinced that where there is one... there is more!

Their little noses can smell a treat from across the pasture!

It's especially important to make sure gates are adequately locked this time of year...

as little noses get quite adept at finding their way to the outside of the yard...
in search of yummy goodies!

Dear Santa,
The horses and donkeys have been especially good this year.
Please bring more treats for them!


  1. Oh my goodness! Your equines surely have the sweetest breath in town!

  2. Oh my, couldn't you just kiss those beautiful donkey lips!! They all deserve treats - your animals are lucky, for sure. Hope Santa remembers all the little critters that are not so fortunate. Think it's about time for me to drop some food parcels off at the local animal shelter (even if you've not got much, if you can spare a little, there are always grateful creatures (and giving is far more rewarding than receiving). Very kind regards.

  3. Those sweet donkeys are ADORABLE!!! Love their expressions!

  4. Soo cute , I just love those donkeys . I am sure Santa paws as we call him for our fur babies will bring them lots of treats . Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  5. cute noses. I'll have to try peppermints for our horses.

  6. Can't you just kiss those noses! My mornings aren't complete without my session of coffee and Bee Haven Acres! Thanks for all the years of pure joy on the farm. Still my dream to visit the NE and make a visit so I can feed Ritz to all the critters!!

  7. Such sweet little? noses..Something tells me , there's always another treat around the corner..I have become a Ritz addict too..Always my bedtime snack..

  8. awwwww so cute! horses love sugar cubes so why wouldn't they like peppermints?


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