Friday, October 21, 2016

Trimming Sheep Hooves

Yesterday afternoon I decided to tackle hoof trimming
for Gracie and the girls.

Actually Hubbs and I had done Gracie about a week ago.
At the time, the girls were having nothing to do with that idea
and ran whenever we tried to catch them.

Yesterday, for some strange reason,
Hope just stood still as I walked up to her and put a halter on her head.

I only wish I had pictures (or even of the whole procedure,
but since I was alone and equipped with only two hands,
I had to forgo using the camera.

I ended up standing on the lead rope with one foot,
while straddling Hope's middle with my legs.
Bending over I picked up each hoof...
one at a time and trimmed off the new growth.

This procedure was not without it's trials and tribulations...
as Hope tried her best to escape from me several time.

When finished, I repeated the procedure with Faith.

By the time I was done my jeans and shirt were muddy,
and my arms were covered in mud and sheep poo...
up to my elbows.

Next time I will set my camera on a tripod and video...
but this time, you are just going to have to take my word for it....

We were successful...and I have the stains to prove it!

After hoof trimming was finished,
I rewarded the girls with a treat of Ritz Crackers...

And the craziness of hoof trimming was immediately forgotten!


I was wondering if you might help me out.
Writing a blog every day for this many years can prove to be challenging.
The writing is easy... the ideas are sometimes difficult.
So....if there is something that you would like to know more about...
any questions, etc. that I might answer....
could you leave me a comment...
Questions always give me fuel for a blog post.
You're the best!


  1. Bev - weird question for you, and maybe you've answered it already, but, what are your plans for the farm when you and your husband are too old to care for it? Will you sell it, or have family on it by then? The reason I ask, is that in my heart, I would love to buy property for a "family" estate. Each of us would have our own home on the estate, but I would be reluctant to allow anyone to sell theirs to just anyone. I am sure it would involve some legal advice, and covenants. Just wondering if you have a plan in place! Thank you and still loving your blog, every single post!! Karla from Coal City, IL.

  2. I read your blog every morning before work, it's a ritual I thoroughly enjoy and look forward to.

    I'd love to see some more photos of your trip to Italy and hear about any adventures you'd like to share.

    I was also wondering how the training with Red is going.

  3. I would like to know more about the history of the farm. Was it ever a working farm? (Not that you don't work hard everyday to keep it and the animals healthy, but did it ever produce crops for market?) What is the story about that old building? I think you said there is a spring in the basement. I'm having trouble imagining that. Would it be safe to go in and take pictures to show us?

    Thank you for sharing so much of the life of the farm.

  4. How about weekly animal profiles? Like one week we learn all about Moonbeam, the next week we learn all about one of the goats, then a cat etc? Get acquainted and reacquainted with the residents?


  5. Do you have stock in Ritz . . .

  6. I remember the days of sheep hoof trimming when I was on our farm yes it is a job meant for two really as we had to do 10 of them and I was caked in mud sheep poo and lord knows what after lol ours didn't like it and fought tooth and nail to get away and they are strong and very bouncy at times lol ! No Ritz crackers back then for our sheep just oats and apples , they loved apples . Lovely photos . I have no questions sorry but I love your photos and blog as it takes me back to my farming days and how much I miss it but I live it through your blog and I thank you for that . Have a good day !

  7. just wondering, so you could not build a little sheep stock for the sheep? could make one side of it, the side of a building so you would have a solid wall. then the other side, something you could reach over and under to work on them. with gate at each end to be able to walk them thru and turn them around to get to the other side.

    like I said, was just wondering. we have a horse stock. i had my husband put steps on each side so that I can go up and work on the my show mare's mane or trim her ears and face. no way could I trim her ears without her being in the stock.

    since I'm relatively new, what do you do with your wool.......if you've already covered that, just send me the link to msmitoagain at yahoo dot com

    thanks, love your blog

  8. It looks like some of us are curious about the history of the farm. I too am curious about how you came to get so many various animals. What did you have first and before you moved there, did you decide on what you wanted to have? Thanks.

  9. I visit you every morning and you always entertain me and make me smile. I admire your hard work and patience and love for your animals. I've always wanted a few donkeys, chickens, lambs, turkeys,etc! So you are my vicarious adventure and you always please! Thank you.

  10. I love to rend your posts. There are à delight for my Eyes and improving my English. I was wondering which kinds of trees you have on your property. If I had this kind of place I would plant lots of eucalyptus near the habitation and nut/chestnut/wallnut trees near the Forrest for the animals!

  11. House tour! Your house looks so pretty as seen in little snippets...I would love to see how you have it decorated. Perhaps a few pictures of the area in which you live, a 'down the road' view? More food and favorite recipes? You are the first blog I read everyday and I read only 5; love what you do here!

  12. Things I wonder:
    1. Where do you get all your energy? It always amazes me the things you accomplish in a day.
    2. Why don't you ride your horse? I know the littles are..well little, but what about Moonbeam?
    3. How many goats do you have now?
    4. Do you have plans to get more animals?
    5. Are those 4 white chickens aggressive still?
    6. Do you get lonely on the farm?

  13. You were too well dressed yesterday to be doing that..I don't think anyone gets tired of your posts or the subject matter....Keep up the good work!!

  14. Have you used the little horse cart lately? everyday is a pleasure to read your blog, it brings peace and joy to my soul.

    Annie v.

  15. I read every post and do not get bored--love the photos--I think you are doing a great job--so hope you keep right on writing and taking photos--
    thanks for all the time that it takes for you to do this--
    love and laughter,di

  16. The handmade things you make are always fun to see.

  17. First off, I love your blog... I don't really comment but I am a faithful reader. Love the photos and the stories. I blog too and find that my pictures tell me what to blog about. I'm not one of those lucky bloggers who has ideas ahead of time.

    As for ideas, someone already mentioned it, would be interesting to hear about the history of the farm and how you ended up there, what got you started, etc.

  18. I read your blog every morning before I go to work. I always enjoy your posts and find them interesting and all the animals very endearing. What you are doing is perfect!

  19. I like seeing the farm buildings and learning about when they were built, do you have plans or need of any new structures. I also love hearing about people's favorite products, wether it is your best work boot to your favorite hand lotion. Lisa G in TN

  20. Yes to what they all said. Love your farm family and so happy to call you my friend, even if we've only met once.

  21. How about some stories around your profession. I think you're a nurse and the hubs a doc? I'd love to hear past stories about the work you do (did) outside the farm - mindful of the HIPAA restrictions 😉.

  22. Each day that I catch your blog is a delight for me. Thank you!

  23. Hi Bev, I think everyone has covered all the thoughts I have about you and your wonderful farm. I to cannot wait to 'visit' you daily and absolutely love your blog posts - you are such an inspiration, especially for the people like me who would love some land and more animals but unfortunately are unable to. Can I suggest another look around your amazing house (I know you've probably done video tours before) and a personal update of all the animals (again) (think someone has already mentioned this, but it would be lovely read again). Are you still looking for another dog? Oh, and the energy thing - How do you have so much? I get exhausted looking after 3 chickens, 2 cats, working and keeping the house!! You seem to have it all - do you have anymore dreams? Kind regards, Louise S, Cheshire UK.

  24. How well I remember the days of feet trimming and miss them! Are you familiar with a Gorilla camera flexible tri-pod? It's perfect for attaching a camera to a stationary object so it's easier to film or shoot photos.

  25. An American in TokyoOctober 25, 2016 at 2:44 AM

    I would love a "get to know the (animal) residents" series!!
    As someone mentioned above, how did Moonbeam come to you, etc!!

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful life with us!


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