Friday, October 28, 2016

Trick-Or-Treat Thursday.

Yesterday was a rainy day... all day.
It was the perfect day for staying indoors...

and that's just what everyone did...
stayed indoors and waited for room service!

We had a little work done in the kitchen...
a new range hood was installed.

Prior to this we had an above-the-stove microwave oven with an exhaust fan.
About a year ago an electrical brown-out shut down the microwave.
We assumed it was dead until another brown-out kicked it back on again.

We have existed like this... on again, off again... for the past year.
Last week the microwave went off again.
This time for good!

I like the look of the range hood much better.

I finished up my day with my grandkids and their parents.
We met at Mackenzie's house, 

had pizza and handed out treats while
Tyler and Mackenzie went Trick-or-Treating.

Luckily, the rain stopped during Trick-or-Treating...
and started again when it was over.

"Will someone please get me out of this lion's mouth?"


  1. Must have been fun trick or treating...Do you not have a microwave now? We had drizzle or mist all day that only amounted to a quarter of an inch. Have a fun weekend with M &L....say Hi

  2. Your new range hood looks nice. Did you find a spot for a new microwave though? We use ours so much that I can't imagine being without one anymore.

    The kids look so cute all dressed up for Halloween. Our trick or treating is this weekend. xo Diana

  3. i like the new hood too! the kids look sooo cute!

  4. Trick or treating already? Halloween is still a few days away. The kids look adorable.

  5. we live out in the country and have brown outs a lot

    I bought a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) for our security system so it would not damage the hard drive

    I keep my sewing machines and computers unplugged until I need them too....

  6. Sooo, just wondering... who is the candy dispenser (by the stove) for??? the grandparents or... grandkiddos??? lol!


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