Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Deja Vu

I am beginning to think that it just isn't a day without
some sort of chicken relocation!

Yesterday I decided to let the three roos that (I had relocated to the barn area last Friday)
out of their yard to roam free around the barn and pastures.

I never would have guessed that as soon as their door opened,
they high-tailed it straight back to the farmhouse!

Now, this is no small feat....since the farmhouse is about a quarter mile away from the barn...
and not a straight shot.
Obviously, chickens are very smart.

So, they spent the day around the house....crowing, like they do.... constantly!

When Hubbs came home from work there was a thunder storm brewing
 just a few miles from here, so we decided to relax on the front porch and watch the storm.
I'd love to share that experience with you:

As the evening wore on,
it became obvious to me that the Roos had no intention of returning to their home at the barn.
They hung around outside their old house down the driveway.

I knew that I could re-capture them after dark if I allowed them to roost in their old house.

And so that is just what I did.
And after they were cozily tucked in their old house,
I picked each one up... one by one... and loaded them into the gator.

Back to the barn we went...
back into the turkey pen.
I am pretty sure I heard a few rooster curses under their breath when they realized where they were.
Foiled, again!

And peace has returned to the farmhouse.

My last adventure for the evening was to move the sheep back down to the bee yard.

I keep moving them between their yard and bee yard....
so that they can keep both of these areas well mowed...
and to prevent over-grazing.
This move ended up being a comedy of errors....
but that's a story for another day! 


  1. although I know it is not funny, your 3 roosters made me laugh so much! they have a great sense of orientation and a deep desire of human company. it is beautiful to see but less so to hear (mind you, they are part of nature sounds!)

  2. OMG.. Where's my gun? Thanks for the laugh. So funny. Knowing that in the beginning you want to do no rooster farm.

  3. Auto correct strikes again..." Knowing that in the beginning, you wanted a no rooster farm."

  4. coming back for a comment, if I may: maybe it is you who did not understand what they were telling you with all the heart! chickens are very smart birds indeed, read this: http://www.humanesociety.org/news/magazines/2014/05-06/who-you-calling-birdbrain-chicken-intelligence.html?referrer=https://www.google.fr/

  5. Your video made me laugh this morning. Roosters add so much to a farm....sometimes too much. Good Luck with the ongoing relocation.


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