Wednesday, July 13, 2016


This is me, yesterday afternoon.

Laid low by a virus that Hubbs was kind enough to share with me...
I did as little as was possible (relatively speaking.)(I assure you this is a rare occurrence.)
Gracie, on the other hand spends every afternoon like this, in the shade, avoiding the heat.

The morning was consumed by the equines (the farrier came and trimmed everyone's hooves),

a run to the recycling center, the local thrift store (I had some items to donate),
and our John Deere dealership to pick up new mower blades,
(mowing this farm is something like mowing a mine field...
all manner of monsters reach up and try to mangle your blades!)
and a stop at my favorite tomato farm for early season hoop-house tomatoes
that taste like the best of August with each juicy bite.

And yes, I have become the queen of run-on sentences...
let's call it poetic license.

Errands run, however, I assumed the supine position and did nothing
except will my body to fight this virus at warp speed.
I can't afford to be anything but efficient this particular week...
with a family picnic/party just days away.

I ventured back out mid-afternoon to throw some hay, gather eggs, feed goats,
and freshen water buckets.

While out, I took a few photos that I wanted to share with you.

Like this Asiatic Lily...
(the quality of the photo reflects my energy level)

I take a photo of this plant every year, because I find it breathtaking.

Yesterday I took the photo lying on the ground...
with my minions in my face, of course.
And I didn't feel well enough to even care how I look.

As I fed the donkeys, I noticed that this sparrow was taking a dust bath in their yard,...
just as my chickens do each afternoon.
Must be a bird thing...
an instinctual way of dealing with mites.

Note:  Sparrow bathing is much less dramatic than chicken bathing.

Side note:  Miss Chloe was quite well behaved for the farrier.
Go figure.
She made a liar out of me as I warned him of her recent lack of cooperation.

That's ok, because everyone has lovely hooves now...
and shaved bridal paths (as well as brushed manes and tales).
Since our equines are so good for the farrier, 
I always take advantage of the time (trying to be as efficient as possible)
and tag team them.
He trims hooves, I clip and groom at the same time.
They probably don't know what hit them by the time each is done!

I also put together this new muck bucket cart.

I cannot live without one of these!

And lastly, do you have Japanese Beetles where you are?
What a pest they are, turning fruit bushes into twigs with ratty lace hanging from them.
They eat through the leaves and the fruit as well...leaving behind a lacy effect.
Was this a gift from Japan?  (a secret invasion of WWII?)
Or an entomology experiment gone awry?

The bags are quite helpful.
A food lure and sex sure (not visible in this photo) attract these little critters.
They come expecting the best of parties and end up trapped in the bag beneath.
Seems fair.

Well, that's about all I have the energy for today.
I'm headed for bed armed with tortillas and hot salsa.
Yep, that's right.... pulling out the big guns.


  1. Feel better! Hope you get a bit more rest today.

  2. I hope you are back to your normal self today. So sorry to hear that you were not feeling well. We've used the Beetle Bags before, but I think that they end up attracting more beetles to your yard. I try to kill as many as I can by hand. The easiest way is to make up soapy dishwater, and then bop them into the water, where they drown. My mother says that making up dishwater and tossing it on the bush or tree is just as good. Feel better soon!

  3. You do more work when you're sick than most people do when they're well! Feel better soon!

  4. oh no...this is the wrong week to be sick. it seems the resident animal doctors are keeping a close eye on you though! feel better soon!

  5. For not feeling well, you certainly got a lot done..Hope you are feeling better today..We always used to say" "put that bug bag at least 2 houses away". They attract beetles from blocks away..Hope yours is down by the road !! Where there are grubs, there are beetles..We have very few but we have grubs..I treat my little piece of grass :) I happened to be outside years ago and saw the beetles rising from the ground..quite amazing..Stay cool today..get better xoxo

  6. Hope you are feeling much better today and it's certainly good to know should you ever need resuscitation, your EMT crew is there to revive you!

  7. Donkeys enjoy making liars out of their people. Yesterday my hubbs complained that Winston led him on a merry chase up and down the hill before he let him put his fly mask on. This morning as I watched Winston walked right up and asked for his mask!

  8. Hi Beverly,
    So sorry you are not well. I agree with Debra. You do more when you are sick than most do when they are well. You certainly are loved by all you companions. The photo of you lying on the ground certainly shows that. Looks like they are trying to make you better!


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