Thursday, July 28, 2016

A "Tail" of Two Kitties

By now I am sure you have met our house cat Ivy.

Ivy was a rescue from the local shelter...
Hubbs' birthday present.

Ivy lives the perfect cat life.
She sleeps inside at the foot of our bed,
has access to food and water 24/7,
and gets to go outside for adventures just about any time she chooses.

She's settled in to her routine quite nicely.

And I am sure you have run across Bobby our barn/garage/neighborhood cat
on one of your visits to the farm.

Bobby lives the perfect cat life as well (for a wanderlust).
He moves from barn to garage to Dr. Becky's barn...
staying several days at one particular place before moving on to the next.
He's an outdoor cat who has the benefit of a heat lamp to sleep under
in the colder weather (at each of his three homes),
and a supply of food and water at several locations.
He can be seen just about anywhere in a mile's radius...
prowling, hunting, adventuring.
Bobby is a friend to all... pigs, dogs, chickens, you name it.

With one exception.

For some reason, sweet Ivy just cannot stand when Bobby is around.
At times we will hear her outside screaming.
And of course we go running to see what is happening.
Each and every time we find her just feet away from Bobby
(who is very busy ignoring her)
screaming her head off at him.
He continues to ignore.

That just might be what ticks her off so much.
No matter what, she just cannot get a rise out of him.

Here is one of their her altercations :
(I guess we'd call it a rant... since it is one-sided!)


Carine said...

Was Bobby coming so close to your house before Ivy stteled there? but Ivy does not seem angry, the tail volume has not changed.

Carine said...

the lonely cowboy and the princess; the beginning of a tale!

Missy George said...

Not much of a rant. Rolling over like that is very submissive and the tail didn't show much aggravation. They may end up being friends. She may just Be trying to establish her dominance . Funny!.

jaz@octoberfarm said...

hahaha....unrest in the cat world.

Deb said...

As long as there is no blood-shed it might eventually work out.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Oh well, at least they don't get into cat fights together!


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