Monday, June 6, 2016

The Adventures of Ivy

My update of Ivy-cat, our newest member of the household,
was a little incomplete.
I spoke of how splendidly she has blended into the household...
ruling over all of the dogs.

But I forgot to mention that she is not just a house cat.
Ivy is an indoor/outdoor cat...
meowing at the door when she wants to go out on a hunting expedition.

She is hysterical to watch when she is outside,
for not only does she hunt,
but she makes up all sorts of adventures...
running, tumbling, climbing, and stalking imaginary prey.

This weekend she sprinted across the yard and ran right up a small tree.
I looked to see which of the dogs had been chasing her...
only to find no dogs even close.

It was an imaginary game of some sort.

And there she was just hanging out in a tree.
Maybe she was trying to camouflage herself while hunting birdies!

All of this happened while I was trying to get a good photograph of Mackenzie and Sammie.

I've got to say...
Sammie is one of the most tolerant dogs I have ever known.
Mack was very gentle with him.
I think this little one is definitely going to grow up loving animals!


  1. Patient Sammie indeed . . .
    I liked Mack's nose tweak . . .
    Bet that cute kitty won't sit still for her!

  2. Sammy has mellowed with age ,I think. Cute pictures of the newest family members.enjoy this sunny day. Your hay can get a good start.

  3. Sweet pics of cat, dog and baby!

  4. i don't think teddy will tolerate kids at all.

  5. Lovely post about Ivy - what a lucky, lucky cat (and she's very beautiful). What a good dog Sam is - so patient - lovely photos Bev. Kind regards, Louise S, Cheshire UK


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