Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Mornings In The Garden

Mornings in the garden...
a favorite time in a favorite place.

Morning chores are finished and the sun has risen above the horizon,
but still shining horizontally across the land.

This perfect light makes everything growing look electrified...
colors so vibrant they almost look artificial!

The perennials around the border of the garden are just starting to bloom.

And roses are climbing the garden fence,
intertwining with grape vines and trumpet vines.

As I go from garden box to garden box,
I here the tinkling of garden chimes.

A tiny wren chitters his warning...

when I get too close to his house...

"Chitter, chitter, chitter, chitter" he yells at me...
protecting his family within.

A brilliant blue sky above and cool breeze on my skin,
makes my chores pleasant...
none of it feels at all like work...
it's more like spreading a little love around the garden.

In many boxes there is basil that came up from last year's seed.
We'll have basil enough to share with an army this year!

Thank goodness we'll have just as many tomatoes.
I've pruned the tomato plants and staked them up.
Each day they grow taller and stronger.
Juicy heirlooms of every color are just a few weeks away!

I silently water, pull weeds and relish all of the sights and sounds around me.
The dogs are content to nap in the morning sun.

The turkeys have come down from their normal loitering at the chicken yard.
They are always curious when I am out and about the farm,
quietly watching my labor.

Strawberries are late this year.

Cooler temperatures and weeks of cloudy, drizzly weather
pushed their ripening back to later in June.
I pick a box to take home for breakfast.

It's a perfect start to a perfect day.
My list is long...much to do before the day is over.

As it turned out... the list was ignored.
Our little pink fairy became ill with Hand, Foot and Mouth disease...
with sores in her throat and a high fever...
so I spent my day like this...

She should be much better in a few days.

As for my list... it is still here today!
The hay has been cut, so I will spend part of the day working on that.


  1. Oh, so sorry to hear about the little one not feeling well. Sending healing thoughts her way.

    What a treat for the senses that garden is! And the anticipation of all those goodies to eat-yum!
    Hope you have another lovely day.

  2. What a treat to visit all the beauty on the farm. But not so much fun seeing Mackenzie not feeling well. Hope today finds you on the mend, pink fairy princesses!!

  3. oh no! i did not know that fairies got sick. how did she get that? i hope she feels better soon. i love early morning in the gardens. especially when it is cool.

  4. Beautiful post. The morning sun is great for photography. Sorry to hear our little fairy is sick. This week has been wonderful weather wise. Enjoy!

  5. So sorry to hear the little fairy is not feeling well. She's in good hands! I know what u can do with all that basil. Put some balsamic vinegar in a plate, then take a cube of cheese (mozzarella, Gouda , marble. Whatever) put a piece of basil on the cheese, then a tiny Tim tomato on top. Stab it through with a toothpick, then soak it in the vinegar. I'm positive you won't have too much basil for very long. 🤓

    Spring Peeper Farm

  6. Poor baby girl. I can see it in her little eyes she does not feel well at all. Get better sweet pea!

  7. I sure hope little one is completely well very soon!!!

    I love the buckets and tea kettle on the ladder, so country and beautiful!

    Your pictures are breathtaking!

  8. An American in TokyoJune 14, 2016 at 9:40 PM

    I hope the little pink fairy is feeling better soon! Poor thing!


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