Monday, June 27, 2016

Hanging With The Boys

Dear Macy and Maggie,

We know it's been a while since we have written,
but we have been very busy growing big and strong.

We have grown so strong that we are finally allowed to roam the farm as we please.

Our first outing was yesterday.

The door was suddenly opened to the outside world
and we emerged without hesitation.

We've been so curious about everything outside our gate.

There are sights and smells and tastes to investigate,
and we spent the day doing just that.

We kept our house in sight as we wandered here and there.
We always stayed together thinking that there is safety in numbers.

We spent a great deal of time crowing...
just to let the world know we are here.
"Er-er-er-er-errrrrrrrr....Hello world!"

We spent about 5 hours eating bugs and grass 
while we investigated our world.

It's a pretty great world, 
and we thank you for bringing us there.

We are going to have many adventures in this place.

We know that life is not without danger,
for there are wild animals around.
But we will proceed with caution and the farmer will look out for us,
so don't worry.

We think about you every day...
knowing how much you love us.

Your friends forever,
Fish, Egg, Jelly and Petunia


It's berry pickin' season on the farm.
Wild raspberries are abundant...

with vines at the edge of all the woods...
and boy do we have lots of woods!

Blueberries are ripening, with more and more each day.
Because summer is so busy, I have decided to freeze the berries for now...
and will make jams during the quiet, slower winter months.

Remember the eggs in the nest on top of the light in the duck hut?
We have fluffy baby birdies now!

PS: Grammie Camp continues this week.
What fun we are going to have!
We'll have much to share as the week goes on.


  1. What a sweet letter those boys wrote to their former caretakers. Love the crowing!

    Those berries look tempting! Hope you will enjoy a few before freezing the batch.
    Have a great week!

  2. Fun post. The roosters are gorgeous.

  3. Yummy berries, noisy roosters. I'm sure they will enjoy exploring. Happy camping!

  4. Oh yes, the boys are clearly roosters now! Funny how they all hang together like in a gang.

  5. they are very good looking roosters! my raspberries are wonderful and so are my currants!

  6. Beverly, you need to make t-shirts, aprons, pillows and signs with that "just out of the gate" photo that says, "Tails in the air like we don't care!" Sending love from Atlanta and a thank you for making my everyday 4:00 am "I can't sleep" wake up call time so enjoyable for the past few years! Laura @nestof1000twigs on Instagram.

  7. And sonehow, I'm on my son's Google account, but it's me, that 51 year old Mom who is NOT computer savvy!!

  8. Beverly,
    They are such handsome boys! Proud to be roosters, that is very clear.
    The berries look really good!
    Enjoy your week.
    blessings dear friend


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