Wednesday, May 18, 2016

We're Back

Technical issues with Blogger kept us from posting yesterday's story.
Thankfully the bug was fixed and we are back in business!

If you had stopped to see us Monday,
you would have noticed that we all looked like this...

smiling (but not in need of braces!)

It was one of those absolutely beautiful sunny days...
the sort of day where you can feel the earth vibrating with life.
The thirsty ground had been satiated by the recent rains;
and the addition of sunshine made for perfect growing conditions.

As I worked around the farm, the birds sang and flitted from here to there...
busily tending to their housekeeping...
tidying their nests in anticipation of little ones.

It was a truly spectacular day.
In light of the recent gloominess, a day like that was a welcomed gift.


The pigs and sheep are enjoying their larger areas now that they share their yards with each other.
The sheep have spent their time trimming all of the underbrush from the pig yard.

Gracie has learned that sharing a yard has its perks, too.

Because the pigs sleep in a bed of fresh hay...
(sort of like breakfast in bed)
Gracie has learned that if she ventures into the pig house
she, too, can snack on a little extra hay.

The twins are curious, but usually stay outside looking in.

Her visit was short...just long enough to grab a snack,

then back outside for low hanging branches.

The greenery is not the only thing growing these days.
A couple of hens have been laying rather large eggs.
And one poor hen dropped this white behemoth.
It is the largest we have ever found...
looking more like a goose egg...
filling my entire palm!
Ouch!  That one had to hurt!

PS....I had it for breakfast this morning...a double yolker!


  1. A sunny spell makes all the difference, I d hope the pgs and sheep continue to get on :-)

  2. No one's gonna starve there, that's for sure! Oh my! That egg! Yowzers!

  3. i laid an egg like that once. i named it The Blog Tech.

  4. We've had a few eggs that large too. I wonder what brought those on! Today we are getting our first sunny day in a long time. I plan to be outdoors all day!

  5. Blue sky, sunny day, perfect temps . . .
    Nothing like it . . .
    My kind of day!
    Looks like a few more are on the way . . .

  6. A double yolker! That surely must be an omen of good luck and plenty!

  7. those are a perfect set of teeth , lol,,
    what a wonderful life on the farm you have,

  8. It was nice to have one sunny day..Maybe we'll have a few more soon?? That egg is huge..Big ouch!! Happy Wednesday...

  9. A double yolker, I am guessing that would have been twins. Or not. Your pig has a comfortable home.


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