Thursday, May 26, 2016

Tom and Chuck... Surprise!

I've been busy...
busy mowing and sewing...
more mowing than sewing.

And in-between all of that I have been gardening and spending time with my critters.
Last evening as I finished up the day's mowing (there's more to do today!),
Tom and Chuck spied me and came strolling down to visit.

These two good ole boys have been pretty good about walking back to their house
each evening at dusk...
putting themselves to bed in the right location.

All it takes is for something out of the ordinary to happen...
like them finding the gate to their yard closed...
and we have to start the training all over again.

If they happen to walk home and find their gate closed,
then they look for accommodations elsewhere and virtually forget about their home.
Out of sight, out of mind.
Then begins the task of walking them home night after night until they get back in the habit again.

Bird brains!
There's truth to that phrase.

I can scarcely believe that these two old boys are 7 years old.

When they finally reached me,
I switched the camera to video.
Here is our visit...with a surprise ending...

Yesterday morning, for some odd reason, I awoke at 4 AM...wide awake.
I was ready to take on the world...
however the world was not anywhere near ready for me to take it on.
The gift of a few extra hours in the beginning of the day made me giddy.
And so I celebrated in my sewing room...
cutting, sewing, trimming...
until this was finished...

a pinafore for the Pink Fairy's Grammie!

And for the Pink Fairy...
an outfit I made a few days ago...

Before I leave you and head out to resume mowing,
I have to share this photo of Tyler.

Is this not the most precious thing ever?
Tyler and his girlfriend were on their Kindergarten field trip.
I can hardly wait for mid-June.
This little man is going to spend 9 days with Grammie at the farm,
while his parents are on a vacation.
What great fun we are going to have!


  1. i can't find the video? i love both of those outfits! now you know why i get up so early. it's my secret time and i love it! the earlier the better!

  2. Very curious as to what the surprise ending was.😀 love the two outfits!!! Nine days with Tyler will be so much fun....for you both.

  3. I had heard turkies were umm, a little slow lol,, know I knowfor sure its true,,

    beautiful sewing and you put that extra few hours to brilliant use, I wear one of your beautiful aprons everyday! I would love a pinafore!
    Sounds like a fun time a head for you !

  4. Ooooops.....technical difficulty with the video is fixed. Sorry!!

  5. Somehow I knew how that video was going to end. Adorable outfits for both of you. Yours is gorgeous! Have a happy day!

  6. What the pinafore! Any chance you'll have some for the Marketplace? (I know...whipping them up in your "spare" time!)

  7. Sometimes you have to deal with paparazzi in a no-nonsense fashion.

  8. I swear, you are an energizer bunny! That pinafore is adorable!
    Marcy from Atlanta

  9. An American in TokyoMay 26, 2016 at 8:40 PM

    My pet bird gets mad when I point my cel phone at him to take pictures. He does the same thing! ha ha!

    Enjoy your time with The Little Man! I'm sure it will be wonderful! =)

  10. thanks for the great video, Bev ..... I loved watching the turkeys and waiting for the surprise at the end....Ha....I jumped....and it was so cute to hear you chuckling! Just love your new outfit and the one you made for the little pink fairy too. You are quite the talented lady. Thanks for a great blog every day!


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